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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: The David Ferreira Debate

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The former league MVP has had a very interesting 2013 campaign.

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Time for another name on the year-end roster evaluations for FC Dallas. We're going with the Roman theme of thumbs up or thumbs down for this series.

Today's subject, is former league MVP, David Ferreira.

Ferreira may be the most debatable player on the FC Dallas roster at this point. The 2010 MLS MVP had seen his fair share of ups and downs during his time in Frisco but one thing is clear, when he is at his best, the club typically follows suit.

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Ferreira bounced back from his injury in 2011 last year and was finally able to get a full preseason in before the start of the 2013 season. Schellas Hyndman named him the team captain early on in preseason this year and said on multiple occasions that the club would go as he did.

Boy he wasn't kidding.

Ferreira lead the club in assists in 2013 with nine, the majority of which came before the summer struggles of the club. He also scored three goals on the season.

But it wasn't the production that made Ferreira such a topic for debate in 2013. Between his Designated Player salary levels and age, thrown in with the fact that several times during the season it was clear he wasn't 100% healthy and that he could be clearly seen walking around during a game with what looked like little interest really drove home Hyndman's point about how the team would go.

Ferreira's leadership styles were certainly different than the on the field general that the team used to have in Daniel Hernandez. Ferreira wasn't a truly vocal leader as well, and it always appeared that the younger South American players followed his every move. If he walked, they walked. If he played hard, so did they.

It never appeared that there was a divide between Ferreira and the rest of the team. Players respected him and his ability on and off the ball. But the end of the season spat that he had with Jackson was pretty clear that things weren't always as rosy as it might have appeared.

FC Dallas holds the option on Ferreira for 2014 though. They've made it clear that they are looking for another Designated Player, which likely means if he returns, he won't be at a DP-level deal. If Dallas can keep him at a cheaper deal (much cheaper deal), it would probably be worth it. But if the club can't keep him at a cheaper deal, it will be interesting to see how their DP search ends up going.

But we give the option to you, thumbs up to keep him, or thumbs down to let him go?