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Clavijo: We're Looking For A DP Caliber Player

FC Dallas is in the hunt for another DP-type player.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

While FC Dallas currently has three Designated Players on their roster, it isn't keeping the front office from scouting for the next big name to come to North Texas.

During a media call today, technical director Fernando Clavijo said the search for a new DP hinges on the new coach being hired.

"I think that the club has identified a need and again like Dan [Hunt] says we want to be open," said Clavijo. "We definitely would like to give the coach an opportunity to put an imprint on the next couple of signings but I think we are extremely happy with how things are going.

"We have scouted and we have really prepared to make hopefuly some decisions soon. Again, we have some time and hopefully a couple more weeks to nail the coach and hopefully we can make those decisions together."

Clavijo wouldn't go into whether or not any of the targets were strikers or playmakers in the midfield.

"I think we have identified a group of needs with some of the coaches that we have interviewed," said Clavijo. "So, I think we have a very unique situation here. I think there are positions that we can improve and that's what we're looking at."

Obviously the interesting aspect of these comments does come down to what the club plans to do with David Ferreira (he's coming up on our roster evaluation here shortly!). Both Mauro Diaz and Fabian Castillo are still set to be on the books for the next couple of years and from discussions I've had in the past with front office folks with the club, Castillo's DP tag doesn't appear to be going away in 2014 either.

That means Ferreira's tag will have to go away in 2014 if the club picks up his option.

I think picking up a DP-level striker is a massive gamble too for the club given the fact that they still have Blas Perez and Eric Hassli under contract for next year as well. Throw in the fact that Kenny Cooper has an option for 2014 (that I would assume will get picked up), it just seems crazy to think that the club would go after a striker with a DP tag unless it was just too good of a situation to pass up.