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Dan Hunt: San Antonio Team Would Be Good For FC Dallas

While Miami and Orlando are getting the expansion buzz right now, Dan Hunt would like to see another Texan team come into MLS.

One of the more interesting nuggets to come out of the media call today with FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo and Hunt Sports Group vice president Dan Hunt was that regarding Major League Soccer expansion.

Recently there has been reports of a David Beckham-led Miami team, as well as news that Orlando will be announcing their expansion team next week at a public event. When I asked Hunt about these new markets, he was quick to praise what they could bring to the league but even quicker to point out how important it would be to add a third Texas market to the league.

"The league is thoughtful in these decisions and where they award franchises," said Hunt. "I know we'll be talking about more of this coming up at the board meetings. Personally, from a FC Dallas standpoint, I would love to see expansion in San Antonio. Maybe Austin could support it but my perspective, having a Dallas team, a Houston team and a San Antonio team, that would be really great competition and rivalry within those clubs."

Supporters in San Antonio are already leading the charge in what could be an interesting I-35 rivalry with FC Dallas should expansion come their way. Recently their city mayor backed plans to have MLS expand into their market.

Hunt stated the interest in new MLS teams continues to grow and made it clear that there would be many other markets that could be viable in the future.

"If there is an Orlando and a Miami that is great for the league because these inter-state rivalries you see what success it has in other sports leagues and so I look for that growth," explained Hunt. "There will be many more markets to come as I expressed interest earlier on this call, The interest in MLS is at an all time high."

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