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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: The Wonder That Is Michel

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Michel had three goals and eight assists in 2013.


Time for another name on the year-end roster evaluations for FC Dallas. We're going with the Roman theme of thumbs up or thumbs down for this series.

Today's subject, is midfielder/defender Michel.

Most fans weren't sure what to make of the Brazilian when FC Dallas signed him in the offseason. Some saw him in some early preseason scrimmages and thought he would be a major asset to the club. Early on, those thought turned out to be the case with Michel. Once he broken into the lineup, it appeared that Schellas Hyndman had found a guy that could either be a replacement to Jair Benitez or someone that would pair up nicely with Andrew Jacobson.

Early on in the 2013 season, Michel could do no wrong. We found out that he was a free kick specialist. He only had four assists through 12 games but he did help contribute on several other goals where he wasn't officially counted with an assist. Michel would end the season with eight total assists and three goals.

Goals that included this wonder:

The downside of Michel's play that he was never truly fit to be in the middle of the midfield. He was a turnover machine for the most part once clubs figured him out midway through the season. It also appeared that once his performance began to dip, so did the rest of the club.

Playing at left back, Michel's natural position also wasn't a sure thing either. If anything, having him on the roster as a potential left back only pushed Benitez to play a little better, and smarter in 2013. Competition in a position tends to do that to a veteran player.

Thankfully Michel came cheap. His base salary was just $60k, a bargain really when you consider the output that he actually had this season. In the locker room, Michel was also a guy that you could see that players liked and respected. He was good with the media and was willing to learn some English while he was here (you can't say that about all the Latin-based players).

I think in the right set up, Michel is a value player to have around for another season. His set pieces are so much better than what anyone else is able to do on this club right now. That alone might force the club to re-sign him.

But we give the option to you, thumbs up to keep him, or thumbs down to let him go?