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Around MLS: Sounders Drowned

Seattle is humbled by Colorado, and the rest of the league marvels at Pareja's nifty 50's look.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

Sounders Swallowed by Raging Rapids

The worst loss in Seattle Sounders history (5-1) came at the hands of the most charming team this season in the form of the Colorado Rapids. It wasn't a particularly close match, and Seattle is trying to see the bright side of such a thorough drubbing. "It's humbling", they say.

That it is. Humbling is absolutely the word I would use. "Humiliating" would work as well. It highlights that in MLS, all the regular season success in the world cannot stop you from losing in the first round of the playoffs. Sigi Schmid better hope his team doesn't lay out that kind of performance in the first round, a round where the Sounders like to lose to LA by decent margins.

Of course, that makes the opposite true as well. Seattle is just as likely to awaken, turn into an Emerald Dragon, and eat the entirety of Portland Timbers team for lunch if they get it right. The Sounders are more likely to be the dragon (rather than a virgin maiden chained to a rock) on any given day, but the past weekend should keep all pronouncements of playoff dominance from taking root.

It highlights the potential excitement of the playoffs, and it's a shame said playoffs aren't here already. The regular season has become mostly devoid of drama as the final weeks tick by.

Mike Magee for MVP

There isn't a very good case to be made for anyone other than Mike Magee winning the 2013 MVP award. Oh, there are a few. But they're not as fun as Magee.

Mike Magee left the LA Galaxy and almost instantly he both revitalizes Chicago, and makes LA realize what they've given away for free. Well, technically the Galaxy got a player in return for Magee, but that hasn't really worked out for LA. Technically the Fire gave up Dominic Oduro for Magee, which even then is a lopsided trade.

Robbie Rogers is a soccer player who takes up roster space and cost the Galaxy their third best player. Injuries, being out of practice and illness have all taken their toll on him. But in the cold, uncaring world of sports, performance is all that matters. For a player that cost LA Magee, Rogers has some big shoes to fill on the pitch.

Here's to hoping that in the future Robbie can turn his injury and illness spells into meaningful moments for the team that took a massive gamble on him. I'm sure he has every intention to kill the Western Conference next year, just hopefully not FC Dallas.

In the meantime, I hope to see Magee pick up an MVP Trophy and lots of other neat things such as eternal glory in the Halls of Valhalla (though the Valhalla part can wait until much, much later).

Portland Wins Goal of the Week!

Did you see that there's a poll out for goal of the week? It's this real cute little poll that gives you the illusion of choice. You should probably go and vote for Darlington Nagbe, because Portland.

Food For Thought:

  1. Did you watch a non-FCD match this weekend? Was it any good?
  2. Are you still interested in FCD's season, or are you just reading BDS to keep up with the Joneses?
  3. The Rapids: Great, or Very Great?