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FC Dallas 2013 Season: A Eulogy

A few words on our departed season.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We gather here, brothers and sisters, to bid goodbye to the 2013 FC Dallas season. It was not always the best season, but it was OUR season. For whatever that's worth.

The season was born on March 2nd, 7:30 p.m., in the presence of fans and friends. It was a rough way to start the year, watching our beloved season stumble around, susceptible to Colorado's newfound vigor, but somehow it managed to pull through. To this day, fans owe Steve Ceus a debt of gratitude for doing his best impressions of October 27th Joe Hart.

The season grew up, and what promise it showed! Dallas defeated some big names after early stumbles. Raul Fernandez looked like Superman himself, David Ferreira was making solid passes, and Michel looked to be an early season revelation. Everything was working out so wonderfully. The season always brought home good looking report cards, with high marks from the media and many plaudits for gutsy comebacks.

The Stumble

But then the cracks started to appear. David got hurt and then fell in with a bad crowd. He was pushed too hard and he broke for good. He walked around the pitch instead of running, like he used to. He no longer fought for every ball, instead falling over in agony at the slightest touch. He looked disinterested and his effort dropped. He's now being threatened with being kicked out of the house, but even that hasn't seemed to change anything. David just hasn't been the same since.

Michel's early promise fizzled when the expectations placed on him proved too much. He was caught flat footed too many times, and his reckless disregard for possession eventually got him arrested and jailed. He recently was released on parole and has been doing a decent job at the factory. We're hoping he gets it sorted as his heart seems to be in the right place, and the potential is there.

Jackson left after an argument and hasn't been heard from much since. His me-first approach didn't mesh well with others, and we think he's living under a bridge somewhere.

The Fall

The collapse continued as the season spiraled fully into hopelessness. The locker room fell apart, and no one seemed to care about the results save for a few souls.

Blas Perez and George John did their best to breathe some life into this year, but it just wasn't enough.

The season only died yesterday, but it has been on life support for a good, long time. Ever since that crash against Colorado, the respirator has kept the team going through the motions, but it hasn't really done much to get it moving again. It has been a pantomime since that ugly loss to the Rapids. There was a rush of life last week after the Hyndman announcement, but like all deaths, it was merely a short lived burst that came near the end of life.

It was a poor season with flashes of glory. Most of it can be blamed on poor decision making and players who clearly threw in the towel.

Luckily soccer is like a phoenix, and in a few months' time there will be hope again. Hopefully, like a phoenix, FCD will peck out the eyes of the competition and screech in a blaze of glory (I'm pretty sure that's what phoenixes do). There will be time to lance the boils and get healthy again.

Farewell 2013 season.

You were awful and we all hate you.