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FC Dallas vs San Jose Earthquakes: Highlights, Stats, and Quote Sheet

All the facts from the season finale.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

I honestly don't expect us to break down the 2-1 loss to San Jose all that much on here in the coming days. More than likely our focus will shift to offseason needs rather than breaking down FC Dallas' 12th loss of the season.



Scoring Summary:
SJ - Walter Martinez (Justin Morrow) 27
SJ - Chris Wondolowski (Shea Salinas, Stephen Lenhart) 57
DAL - Stephen Keel (Blas Perez) 90

FC Dallas - Chris Seitz, Jair Benitez (Zach Loyd 75), Walker Zimmerman, Matt Hedges (Stephen Keel 46), Kellyn Acosta, Andrew Jacobson, Peter Luccin, Michel (Je-Vaughn Watson 61), Fabian Castillo, Kenny Cooper, Blas Perez.

Substitutes Not Used: Kyle Zobeck, Erick, Jonathan Top, Victor Ulloa.

TOTAL SHOTS: 22 (Andrew Jacobson 6); SHOTS ON GOAL: 8 (Andrew Jacobson 2); FOULS: 11 (Peter Luccin 4); OFFSIDES: 1 (Kenny Cooper 1); CORNER KICKS: 10 (Michel 5); SAVES: 2 (Chris Seitz 2).

San Jose Earthquakes - David Bingham, Steven Beitashour, Victor Bernardez, Jason Hernandez, Justin Morrow, Walter Martinez, Ramiro Corrales (Rafael Baca 71), Sam Cronin (Cordell Cato 87), Shea Salinas, Steven Lenhart (Alan Gordon 80), Chris Wondolowski.

Substitutes Not Used: Jon Busch, Jaime Alas, Clarence Goodson, Adam Jahn.

TOTAL SHOTS: 15 (Walter Martinez, Steven Lenhart, Chris Wondolowski 3); SHOTS ON GOAL: 4 (Sam Cronin, Chris Wondolowski, Steven Lenhart, Walter Martinez 1) OFFSIDES: 0; CORNER KICKS: 6 (Shea Salinas 5); SAVES: 7 (David Bingham 7).

Misconduct Summary:
SJ - Ramiro Corrales (caution) 47
DAL - Jair Benitez (caution) 72
DAL - Peter Luccin (caution) 85

Referee: Geoff Gamble
Referee's Assistants: Craig Lowery, Eric Proctor
4th Official: Alejandro Mariscal
Attendance: 10,525
Time of Game: 1:51
Weather: Sunny, 70 degrees

Quote Sheet:


Thoughts on the Match:

The game went about the way I thought it would go. Two teams that really have nothing to play for in the season, on kind of a hot day. Obviously they were a bit more motivated with a home game, Corrales' last game, a lot of emotions get involved. They also went with different players, put [David] Bingham in the goal. I thought Mark [Watson] did a really good job in rewarding people, in giving people an opportunity.

For us, it was leaving some players at home. We had some incidents that recently occurred. But we put our best foot out there. It was a game where both teams really tried to score goals. Bingham was very good today. It was good to see the services that we put in, the last save that he had on Blas [Perez], a knockdown ball that he jumped on top of... Our whole team was doing the best they could, but not having a creative midfielder hurt us.

On FC Dallas scoring opportunities:

The header was a nice goal. We're disappointed with the goals we gave up. The first goal was a turnover, then they countered, it's a dummy and it ends up in the goal. The second one comes dribbling in, we knock it away, a couple guys get knocked down and [Chris] Wondolowski does a good job on finishing, which he does. But it was again a game where I know our guys were motivated. They wanted to play. They wanted to do well. But the game just kept on going back and forth and not really any great chances, but a lot of them.

On stepping down as coach:

The big thing is I've resigned my position. I may be coaching again, but I've resigned my position. This team definitely did not reach its stride this year. We can always talk about injuries, national team call-ups, suspensions, but every team has that. This team deserves better, and maybe they need a different voice to motivate them or to make the changes that are necessary.


On season:

You look at the guys in this locker room and how deep our team is, and you'd expect a lot more. So we're definitely disappointed with how the season went, but we have a long offseason [ahead of us]. We've got to get better, and hopefully turn it around next year.

On coaching change:

It's all out of our hands. For us, we're just going to have to try and show as much as we can, and hope that they call our number.


On the game:

It was probably a little emotional for them with Corrales retiring. He had a great career. It is fantastic how long he was able to do it for and how consistent he was. It's happened all season. I thought we had the better of the chances, we just weren't able to score.

On missed chances during the game:

We let them hang in the game. That's kind of how they are. They're opportunistic. They only need a few chances and they'll punish you. They did punish us.

On head coach stepping down:

He's been fantastic. He took a club that was just kind of hanging around and he brought passion to the club, he brought a name to the club, and a style. I think every player here is better because of him. He gets everything out of everyone and he doesn't let you settle for where you are. If you're playing well, he always expects you to play better.