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Three Questions with Big D Soccer Readers

The season is almost over, but the speculation is just beginning.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The San Jose Earthquakes have been a bit of a mess this season. They lost no less than 320 games between March and July, costing Frank Yallop his job and driving the team into a spiral from which they could not recover. Their stadium has been delayed, their spirits have been crushed, and all that's left of the Quakes' 2013 season is a fine, gritty paste that, while wonderful for exfoliating your skin, doesn't do much to get anyone into the playoffs.

Dallas has been in a spiral of its own, and they head into their last game of the season with their heads held high. The Toros left the field of their last home game of 2013 on a positive note, silly teammate scuffles aside. Two goals against the hated Sounders did much to soothe a lot of the bad blood that had built up over the season, and the (remote) possibility of signing a big name coach lingers.

Which team has it better going into the offseason, and will it affect the game on display on Saturday?

What sort of things will you be looking to see out of the team? A lineup comprised entirely of bench players and reserves?

So here are, in lieu of the standard Three Questions blog,are Three Questions (plus 2) with the Big D Soccer readerbase.


1) What is your preferred starting lineup? Would you like to explain why you would pick certain player?

2) Who is your "Gearbox MVP"? I have invented this category and it is awarded to the player who isn't necessarily the best on the field, but to the one whose hard work makes life easier for everyone else.

3) What are your plans during the FCD offseason? Do you support an EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga team, or any other team?

4) What is your primary hobby outside of watching/playing soccer?

5) Which player in MLS would you take for FCD? Catch: Can't be a DP.