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David Ferreira and Jackson Fined By MLS Disciplinary Committee

Amazingly enough, no Sounders were fined for their actions in Saturday's game.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Big brother is indeed watching. The Major League Soccer Disciplinary Committee has handed down their weekly fines and as one might expect there are two FC Dallas players listed on the top of the release.

The MLS Disciplinary Committee has fined FC Dallas midfielders Jackson and David Ferreira for unprofessional conduct detrimental to the image of the League during halftime of their October 19 game against Seattle Sounders FC.

Here is the video of it all.

No suspensions for either player. I've been told that the club would be meeting about this altercation as well this week. For one it was a pretty embarrassing situation for everyone involved and for the entire team to have happen. It also didn't help that it was on national TV. Not just national TV but over the air NBC for that matter.

Amazingly enough no suspension for any Seattle player on the day either. Clint Dempsey probably deserved something for his little dust up with Jackson.

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