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FCD Stock Report - Season's End

Who should FCD invest in? Who should the Hoops sell their remaining shares in before for the off-season?

See you next year, Kenny!
See you next year, Kenny!
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Walker Zimmerman

Finally healthy, Walker stepped in for an injured Captain George and came in big for the FC Dallas back line. The rookie did not look a step out of place in FCD's 2-0 victory over the Sounders. If Zim is healthy (and with the way Hedges has been playing recently), the race for George John's partner in the back should be a fun one to watch. Bonus statistic: Walker had as many goals this season as Fabian Castillo in around 1600 less minutes.


Nobody has had a worse middle of the season than the Brazilian x-factor after being my pick for MVP in the earlier stages of the season. Nonetheless, you have to love this man's passion for FC Dallas. In a recent interview, Michel said, "I feel like above the players, above the directors, above the coaches, above everything is the club," when asked about his celebration to scoring a goal vs. Seattle. A good game for a good player. Interested to see where he stands after the dust settles and a new coach is brought in. His set-piece abilities are a joy to behold. We just don't know where he belongs on the pitch just yet.

Peter Luccin

He finally made it back. After torn ligaments held Peter Luccin out of almost the entire regular season, the defensive midfielder made a triumphant return to the pitch, starting in FCD's most recent home victory. You can see why the coaching staff was high on the Frenchman. He seems like a team player and a true leader. Luccin brought bite to this midfield, something that was lacking, and was not too bad on the ball. You worry about the cards, but he's no worse than any other tenacious DM in the world. Peter is another one of those players that I'm interested to see next season. If he can stay healthy, he could be the defensive anchor needed for a 4-4-2.

Kenny Cooper

In case you all don't know, I love Kenny Cooper. He was one of my favorite players growing up and still is. The quality that impresses me most about Kenny is that he has passion and desire for this team that nobody else showed in the couple of matches before the Seattle win. While the whole offense was selfish and lackadaisical, Coop showed heart to fight until the last minute. Kenny did not have the season he would have liked to have by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is also fair to say that KC33 never really excelled in Schellas's system. A new coach could be exactly what he needs to thrive again and get back to the old Coop.


Having trouble breaking in to the first team? Not playing at all and not scoring goals? You need the proven "FCD Loan System!" This product guarantees that you score goals while on loan to another club. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Yellow cards not included. Enough of the shenanigans, Bobby Warshaw and Bradlee Baladez both seem to have hit their strides, netting a brace each for their respective teams. You can not help but be happy for these guys because they needed this for their career progression. I want to see both players in camp fighting for roster spots in January. These two players (along with Richard Sanchez) showed us why loan time is so important for these young lads trying to find their niche.


Blas Perez - Super Raton leads the team with 11 goals scored this season

Fabian Castillo - same old same old from Fabian but at least he's passing occasionally

Chris Seitz - filled in for Fernandez admirably

Matt Hedges - absolute monster last couple of games


David Ferreira

Captain David was not at fault for the Jackson incident on Saturday. He was mad at Jackson for his selfishness on the ball at the end of the first half. Jackson had three men open and decided to keep it (and ultimately trip on the ball). I don't blame Ferreira at all. If you had a camera on me, I was fuming for that uncoordinated arrogance from the Brazilian. However, DF10 might have played his final game in an FCD uniform unless he takes a HUGE pay-cut. Simply put, he has not been worth the money this year. With Diaz (and Nunez, see below) nipping at his heels, David might be expendable. It would be sad to see the old MVP go, but all good things must end and DF10 ended halfway through the season.

Ramon Nunez

Ramon was another one of those players I have memories of as a child. I remember vividly chanting, "Ramon, Ramon, Ramooon!" We've seen some magic from Nunez this season, but not enough for Hyndman to have faith in him. I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here, but Ramon is someone who can make an impact on this team for a relatively low wage. Will the new coach be fond of Mr. Nunez? Time will tell. In my opinion, he would be a fool not to utilize his skills on the attacking side of the ball. A healthy Nunez could be an x-factor for FCD next season. For now, however, Ramon remains a player who failed to make the impact many were hoping he would have when he broke out against Chivas USA.

Zach Lloyd

Let's face it. Zach Loyd has been outplayed by both Jair Benitez and Kellyn Acosta recently. The injury set Loyd back a lot, but he could never recover enough to regain the starting fullback positions from the two. Acosta is a star in the making and Benitez (believe it or not) was making less mistakes than the fan favorite. Ideally he'd come back and play left back for the Hoops, but I don't see it happening. Loyd is nowhere near the form that had him receive an invite to USMNT camp and I don't know if he will ever get back to that form. He showed zero passion in a contract year. Is that a guy you want on this team?



This is the first time ever that someone has been included in my rock bottom section. You've all seen the incident. I am fed up with this selfish individual. Call me harsh or cruel, but let's compare and contrast Michel with Jackson, two players both having relatively bad ends to their seasons. Look at how Michel responds to loving this club, (see above) and look at how Jax responds to his frustrations by slapping his captain. I want this guy out of here. Sure, he's talented, but I think, for this offense to prosper, either one of Castillo or Jackson can be on the field at the same time. Jackson has made me believe that he's not "DTID". For that reason, I hope he gets sold or traded before the beginning of next season. If not, he'd have to change dramatically to win the heart of this fan base back and I just don't see that happening. FCD should take advice from financial advisers on what to do when a stock tanks. Sell. Sell. Sell.

Let's Reflect:

1. Is there room on next year's squad for Walker, Matt, and George?

2. Do you want Michel and Cooper back on this team?

3. Have Baladez and Warshaw played their way back in to the discussion for roster spots?

4. Keep one: DF10 or Ramon Nunez

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