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Did Schellas Hyndman Resign on His Own?

Rumors posit that Hyndman isn't exactly thrilled at the prospect of leaving his coaching position.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Davis of Pro Soccer Talk wrote an interesting and crunchy article full of ideas regarding the MLS coaching carousel, and of course it included a little quote about soon-to-be-former FC Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman. I won't quote it here, as you're best served by reading his article to have context.

Is it possible that Hyndman's resignation wasn't entirely his choice? Of course it is.

Davis is a man who is well connected in Dallas and knows a thing or two about both Hyndman, so if his reading of the situation is correct, then Dan Hunt is making good on his talk that this team must win.

During his earlier Facebook chats, chats usually full of fluff and PR 101 talking points, Dan made no secret about his expectations for the team once the early winning had been established. Whether through set-pieces, luck, or magic, the wins came in bucket-loads and established FC Dallas as legitimate playoff contenders. It would be inconceivable, it was said, that Dallas could miss the playoffs. Only the worst collapse ever could ruin their chances.

About that collapse... (It was awful. So awful. Woof.)

After the monumental nosedive the season took after June, it isn't wild to presume that perhaps Mr. Hunt had seen enough collapses to assume that Hyndmans' coaching had hit its peak in 2010. With the system stagnant and the youth underplayed, it's safe to assume that Mr. Hunt was not pleased.

While it's frequently brought up that Hyndman is close with the Hunts, he is particularly close to Clark Hunt, who he coached while at SMU, not Dan Hunt. It seems a minor distinction, but it's important to remember that they are brothers, not clones. If Dan thought that Hyndman had hurt the team more than he had helped, he might have put his foot down. After all, he's the one who stepped in to manage the team after the Doug Quinn debacle, and he's the one who has overseen a season where the fan and supporter experience has been helped along, fostered, and encouraged.

Was Hyndman given the choice to resign to avoid being fired? It could be the right thing to do if the organization have a close, personal connection with him. It lets the man save some face and walk out with a semblance of dignity, as opposed to having "MANAGER SACKED" seen all over the Internet.

But if that's what happened, it should give supporters a bit of hope that, perhaps, things really are changing for the better around World Cup Way, and for the right reasons to boot.

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