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FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders FC: What We Learned

Everyone pulled through and did it one last time at home for the Gaffer.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't pretty at times but in the end FC Dallas did enough to make Schellas Hyndman's last home game a memorable one. Dallas downed the Seattle Sounders FC 2-0 on Saturday, thanks to second half goals from Matt Hedges and Michel.

The win was a fitting tribute to Hyndman and his legacy with the club after five and a half seasons.

We question it but Hyndman knew best

I, like many of you, was angered by the substitution of Kenny Cooper in the second half for Michel. The game was still tied at that moment and we all know Michel can be a turnover machine. But in the end Hyndman knew what he was going with the way the game was going. Seattle was fouling Dallas left and right, so getting a proper set piece taker in the game like Michel only made sense.

And as luck would have it, one of Michel's first strikes on the ball was a lofted free kick to the head of Hedges for the game's first goal.

Hyndman was smart with his subs on the day, proving in his final home game that he knew best. He was also pretty wise with his lineup choice on the day too. I loved seeing Peter Luccin get his first real minutes with the team. You could sense that he was something that the club has been missing all season long. Also having Kellyn Acosta back on the field made a nice difference in the defense. The same can be said about rookie Walker Zimmerman, who finally looks healthy here.

About that scuffle between Ferreira and Jackson

Naturally when asked, both Hyndman and most of the players said they didn't see much between David Ferreira and Jackson when halftime came around. Yes there was some pushing and shoving, some swings were even taken at each other. Ferreira did say afterwords that it was a heat of the moment type of thing. Hyndman agreed.

In the end, it was pretty telling what happened. Jackson didn't return for the second half and he was no where to be seen afterwards. Heck, he wasn't even on the bench for the second half. Hyndman told the reporters after the game that you can't reward bad behavior like that. He called it childish behavior.

To be honest, I don't expect either one of these players back next season. At best you might see Ferreira back on a much, much lower salary but more than likely they're both done here in Dallas.

Happy for Hyndman

I'll admit, this game is really tough to dive into for the good and the bad. The team had little to play for other than pride and Hyndman and in the end they got a result. Players were very complimentary of Hyndman, as you might expect them to. The mood about him leaving is still one that I don't think has really hit most of the guys. I know in a small way it hasn't hit me.

But after all of it, I'm happy for Hyndman. I'm happy he got a win in his final home game. I'm happy fans responded so nicely to him yesterday. And I'm happy we're going to see some change.

I've been covering him here since day one and I know the type of guy that he is. He is one that you can respect right away for the way he treats you. I know personally for me when I had to do one and one interviews with him after a win or a loss, he was always up front with me. Sometimes he may have sugar coated things or tired to be too secretive about his lineups, but he was always good to work with.

The most telling part of his character was after his press conference he immediately thanked all of the media. He didn't have to but you could tell his comments were genuine. He truly meant what he said and part of me wishes I hadn't hit stop on my recording.

So with that, thank you Schellas. It has indeed been a pleasure.