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FC Dallas vs Columbus Crew Game Grades

One last look back at how the Hoops did, and it isn't good

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I welcome you back to game grades! I've just completed a move to Little Elm where I was without internet for a good week and a half. I love it out here but what I don't love is how our hoops have been playing. I don't toss out the term dumpster fire lightly, but these past 3 games have been just awful.

I was at the game on Sunday and can say that taking a 1 and a half year old is not conducive to watching the game close enough to hand out grades. So I had the indignity of watching it again on MLS Live, which is by far the best $60 I've spent all year. In addition, my daughter got her season ticket holder scarf and also learned how to say "BOOOOO!!!", so it wasn't a total loss.

But what I saw can only be described as a total loss. Without further ado, let's get to the grades

Raul Fernandez - 3, he was badly beaten on 3 of the 4 goals. there was one where he had no shot. He was let down by horrible defensive lapses. While his service was adequate, he couldn't stop what he had been stopping all year long.

Zack Loyd - 3, It's not like he was abused all night by Oduro, just a lot of it, but just his pushing up giving himself poor chances to recover led to really bad counter attacks and goals He blew his shot, and let's be honest, the ball was out on his run for Mauro's goal. His return was alright, but he should have been subbed out. As for his future, he';s not good enough to justify using more cap space on him. He likely will price himself off a team who may have a younger option in Woodberry, and next year's draft pick.

Matt Hedges - 2, Here's one of the guys that was abused all night by the speed of Oduro. Hedges has looked awful the past 3 matches from his solid previous form. But one of his turnovers led to a goal, as well as a lazy clearance of his if I recall correctly. But he's not the problem. He can be a very solid defender, if not borderline all star.

George John - 3.5, I was a fan of John's play, but circumstance put him in poor positions on just about all goals. But at least he was on the screen, unlike his centerback counterpart. He's getting the armband as DF10 gets relegated into the reserve role he's earned.

Kellyn Acosta - 4, This was the first time I remember him getting beat on a goal, as he was the victim of #2. Otherwise, he didn't let pressure up his side at all. Why he was subbed off was a mystery though. We'll get to that.

Erick - 2, we finally see our super center mid's limitations. He was abused multiple times that led to goals, though did have a couple good stops. Still, he was beaten too many times to make a difference.

Andrew Jacobson - 3, there were times where I forgot the recently mohawked Jacobson was on the field. He seemed to contribute a little more offensively in this game, and did have some decent stops as well. But when you get beat by 2 at home in a must have result, grades go down all around.

Jackson - 2.5, Jackson was a turnover machine from minute 2 on. The 8 year old behind me at the game asked her mom, "Why does #6 keep giving it to the other team?". It was an abysmal showing by him, and led to too many Columbus chances.

Fabian Castillo - 3, he got up top a lot and had some decent attempts. His runs were penetrating, but he looked lost as the #2 striker. I understood Coop coming in for him as he is much more used to the 2nd striker position.

Mauro Diaz - 6, Man of the match. He was always keying the dangerous attacks we had. And his footwork to his goal was just breathtaking. The kid, paired with a more consistent Castillo is the future of this attack.

Blas Perez - 4, Nice goal, but his limited chances otherwise were stopped. He realizes that he's too important on this team to be its enforcer, but I get the sense that he is seething under his skin at the way things are going.


Before I get to this section, I just want to say that the guys coming in made sense. The guys coming off made 0 sense.

David Ferreira - 3, contributed little to the attack, and seems to be diving more. This is a problem if you can't get your great through balls through, and you don't play defense.

Kenny Cooper - 2.5, his unwillingness to go up for a header was on display. I have a theory that after his concussion, he's afraid of his head getting knocked again. That's not an MLS quality player, and though he's a favorite of you guys for some reason, there's no reason for him to be on this team.

Michel - 2, huh? You take your best defender off for a guy you have to hide on defense? His lack of skill defensively is exactly why the play of the 4th goal happened. His free kicks are not worthy of a starting, or even playing spot.

Shellas Hyndman - 1. Two wins in our last 19 matches. That is the bottom line here. We could discuss how horrible his decisions on his subs were, as taking out our best Center Mid, our best defender, and the wrong attacking wing made no sense. We could discuss how his insistence on not correcting the high line that led to way too much space on the Columbus goals was a blunder that even a U-9 coach would correct. We could talk about how his system puts the slowest players on the field save el torito in a position to defend against the opposition's fastest guys which leads to horrible results. We could talk about how he insists on playing 2 guys on top when you only have one healthy guy on the team skilled enough or willing to do what's necessary to play up top.

But let's keep it simple. Two wins in 19 matches is enough to get you fired.