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Comments From Hyndman and Hunt

The Gaffer spoke to reporters Friday about his resignation.

Ned Dishman

The news came fast today about Schellas Hyndman resigning from the team at the end of the season. He's already spoken to the press about it.

Third Degree's Steve Hunt was on the scene today and snagged the first comments from Hyndman:

I will be stepping down at the end of the season as coach. It's very difficult for me because I've coached for so many years. I love the competitive side. I love the teamwork. I love the training. But it's come to a point in time I think the team needs a different voice. I've not been able to bring the best out of them. We have not been able to get to the playoffs not only this year but also last year. I have a great deal of respect for Clark Hunt and his family, the Hunt family, for giving me this opportunity to coach at the highest level in our country.

I'm not saying anything to you that you don't know. But this probably the most competitive league in the world. You go to Spain. You go to Premier League and you see four or five top teams that are really good and then you'll see a drop. Here, everybody's good. Everybody's good. Everybody can win any game on any day. But I talked to Clark [Hunt] this week and I felt like the best thing for the club, which is very important to me, is that they go in a different direction.

And I wanted to finish the season off. As I said to the players many times, we're all in this together from January 12th to the end of the year. I didn't want to leave now, while they still had games to play. It's very difficult. The players will be very emotional, but I again want to thank my staff and all the people, the brilliant people we have here working upstairs, from the ticket sales to the groundskeeper, they have all been brilliant. They have done nothing but support me and give me everything I need to find success and there's been a few years where we've found tremendous success, unable to repeat that. And I look forward to the days where I cannot have those sleepless nights and stress in my life and enjoy my family.

Third Degree also got comments from Hunt Sports Group chairman Clark Hunt about the resignation as well. When asked about the club's timeframe, Hunt stated it would likely be a few weeks and that they would be looking at internal candidates as well as external candidates with MLS experience. There could also be some with no MLS experience on the list as well.

Well, any time there is a coaching change, finding the new head coach is always important to do as quickly as possible. On the other hand, I think it's more important to get it right. We'll take whatever time is needed to make sure that we get it right. So I can't really predict. MLS is unusual in that there are decisions that need to be made about next year that come within about five or six weeks, so if you could have it done in that timeframe that'd be great but it's not always going to work out that way.

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