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The Final Word: Wrapping Up The Brimstone Cup Loss

How others handled the loss to the Fire.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We have given you our take on the 3-2 loss to the Chicago Fire, now it is time to look at how others wrote up the loss.

Matt Barbour, - David Ferreira expressed his immense disappointment at not reaching the playoffs, particularly given the club's strong start to the year.

"I'm sad because of the result," Ferreira said through an interpreter. "It's a big hit for the whole group, the whole group is really sad that we couldn't get to where we wanted.

"At the same time, I'd like to take advantage of this [interview] and apologize through [the media] to the fans for not giving them the opportunity to see the team play in the playoffs."

Anthony Zillis, - "Determined not to let another late lead slip away after losing five points after the 85th minute last month, coach Frank Klopas threw his best defensive midfield options onto the field over the last 20 minutes of the game. Wells Thompson came on instead of Chris Rolfe in the 68th minute. Holding midfielder Daniel Paladini then entered, followed by destroyer Logan Pause."

Frank Klopas, on the FC Dallas goals - "I have to look again but there was two bad goals that went in. The first goal looked like offside to me and the second, Gonzalo Segares got the ball and the referee calls a PK. On the other end, Juan [Luis Anangono] beats the goalkeeper and goes down and the referee doesn't call anything. The referees need to be consistent... Very consistent in games like this."

Matt O'Rouke, - "Dallas completed 4 out of 9 crosses and had 4 key passes. Even though Dallas found more success on the right in the second half, overall, the team struggled all night to crack the attacking third. Dallas had a total of 75 passes in the attacking third and managed to complete 50 of those attempts (64% completion rate)."

Peter Welpton, - In it's 18 year history, Dallas has missed the playoffs only six times. Four of those have happened since 2008 - the year Hyndman took over the club.

And then there's this monkey wrench: During this same term of malaise is the club's single visit to the ultimate match, MLS Cup - which ended in the greatest of heartbreak. Where does that fit into the equation?"