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The Monday After Chicago: Death Knell

Call the mortician.

You're welcome, Haire.
You're welcome, Haire.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I would really just like to copy and paste last week's Monday article to start off the week, and while it would be mostly accurate, it would be a lazy thing to do. Besides, at one point in this game Dallas actually looked like a team, even if just for 15 minutes.

Being negative for the sake of being negative isn't a particularly productive way to discuss things, but it would be disingenuous to imply that things aren't so bad. Because they absolutely are that bad.

There are several things that are worth mentioning here, though most of them require some kind of restraint. Also, most of them have been repeated in some form or another. Alas, this is a place for group therapy after times like these, so let us go around the group and air our feelings.

My feelings are as follows:


Remember earlier in the season when we couldn't figure out how FCD managed to get such a great left back for nothing? Why, the man could even move to midfield and single-handedly change the way Dallas approached things! It was so incredible for Dallas to find him so cheaply, or so we thought.

Well, we know why now. He has been nothing short of terrible. Terribly, awfully, cataclysmically poor. If Michel's discipline was any worse it would cause actually, physical harm to those around him.

He has hit terminal-woefulness. It has built up to the point where more woeful play will have to force its way out of his body in small shockwaves. Each turnover would cause a small shockwave and impact those around him. For the physical safety of the players involved, he probably shouldn't see much more time this season, even in the last two games.

Kellyn Acosta:

Kellyn came off the bench on Saturday, but why wasn't he given a start? There isn't a good reason this kid shouldn't be getting as many minutes as possible. There are few whetstones grittier against which to sharpen his skills than against a desperate Chicago attack.

So why wasn't he played? Did Hyndman prefer to go with veterans, hoping to avoid youthful mistakes in the game which could (and did) end all playoff hopes? Was he nursing a tiny niggle or knock? Was it a random decision?

None of the options sound good enough to start him on the bench though. This kid has serious potential, and minutes are as good as gold. He needs to play every minute that is left of the season.

Schellas Hyndman

On Saturday, the Beer Guardians decided it was against the team's interest to openly chant things aimed at, or about, Schellas. We're all angry and upset about the season, but this is is absolutely the right course of action.

Whether or not you think Schellas deserves to still have the job, it doesn't mean the man doesn't know what's happening. It not only hurts the already pitifully low morale this team has, it's an ugly display that humiliates a man who is already being humiliated.

If you don't believe that Hyndman isn't feeling absolutely miserable, you're wrong. He's absolutely feeling like garbage. After all, the team he was charged with managing absolutely tanked a wonderful start to the season and have been terrible since. He might say XYZ to a camera or recorder, but you can tell by his look on the sidelines what is on his mind. It isn't pretty, and it shouldn't be.

But unless you're the type that likes to kick people when they're down, I don't see any tangible benefit to having the stadium chant against him. After all, some of those players are just as responsible for this mess and Hyndman is. It might be simple to blame one man, but there is plenty of blame to go around.

It is entirely possible to hate his coaching and want him gone, but to dislike torturing the man publicly. He has been nothing but respectful to the media, has never thrown a tempter tantrum (unlike some other coaches) and is gracious to fans who go watch the team practice.

This team deserves better, but the fans showed class by opting not to boo him further. Unlike some other MLS teams, once the hardcore supporters got their feelings out of their system (back during the Columbus game), things went back to simply quiet grumbling.

This is as much about the fans knowing when to exercise restraint as it is about anything else.

The results on the field speak for themselves to the Hunt family.

The End is Nigh

We're pretty much out of time on the season. While Dallas didn't have the chance to ruin Chicago's fun (eh, those poor guys have had it rough too), they will get a chance to make Seattle panic this coming weekend.

I think we'd all like to see that, if for nothing else than to be vindictive meanies about it.