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FC Dallas 2013 Playoff Scenarios With Three Games To Go

There is a chance....a very small chance.

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Kudos to the PR staff at FC Dallas for pulling these scenarios together. We already know that FC Dallas must win their final three games but here is what else needs to happen in order for them to reach the post season this year.

Note: Winning out in the final three games over Chicago, Seattle and San Jose would give Dallas 13 wins and 50 points.

Portland Timbers

To pass Portland, the Timbers must lose all remaining matches, which consist of the following:
Oct. 13 Seattle
Oct. 19 Real Salt Lake
Oct. 26 @ Chivas USA
Should the Timbers tie any of their remaining matches, then Dallas could not catch them since they would have at least 51 points.

Colorado Rapids

To pass Colorado, the Rapids would have to tie both of their remaining matches or lose both. If they win one of their last two, Dallas would be unable to catch them. The Rapids' remaining schedule consists of the following:
Oct. 19 Vancouver
Oct. 27 @ Vancouver

- If Dallas and Colorado each finish with 50 points, the first tiebreaker is wins and both sides would have 13.

- The second tiebreaker is goals with Dallas currently holding the edge in that category, 43-42.

LA Galaxy

To pass the Galaxy, LA would have to lose their remaining three matches. The Galaxy's remaining schedule consists of the following:
Oct. 16 Montreal
Oct. 20 San Jose
Oct. 27 @ Seattle

If the Galaxy tie their remaining three matches, then Dallas would not be able to catch them since they would have 51 points.

If LA ties two of its final three matches and loses one, Dallas would lose via the tiebreaker since the Galaxy would have one more win, 14 to Dallas' 13.

- Should one of the teams above drop in the table, Dallas would still need to jump the following teams -

Vancouver Whitecaps

To pass Vancouver, the Whitecaps would have to lose one of their two remaining matches, which would have them finish with 48 points. The Whitecaps' remaining schedule consists of the following:
Oct. 19 @ Colorado
Oct. 26 Colorado
If Vancouver wins out, then FC Dallas cannot catch them since they would have 51 points.

San Jose Earthquakes

To pass San Jose, the Quakes cannot win another game as one more win would put them at 50 points with a tiebreaker of 14 wins. San Jose's remaining schedule consists of the following:
Oct. 20 @ LA Galaxy
Oct. 23 @ CD Heredia (Guatemala) - CCL Group Stage game
Oct. 26 FC Dallas
Draws in San Jose's final two matches would allow Dallas to pass San Jose.

The entire time I've been writing this out, all I could think of was the following:


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(Editor's Note: The original posting of this article mistakenly did not source the Dallas Morning News for the information. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience that it may have caused)