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Marquee Matchups: Cascadia Bash

Not a lot of time left for Seattle to try and retake the lead for the Supporter's Shield.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

International matches strip this weekend of most games, but two matches are going to be interesting.

Montreal Impact vs. New England Revolution // Saturday, 1:30 p.m. CDT, Stade Saputo, MLS Live

The Revolution desperately need to win this, or it will be curtains for their postseason hopes. Not enough can be said about the dire importance of this. They would equal with the Philadelphia Union on points if they won, but would be ahead on goal differential. However, that's assuming the Union would lose to DC United, which isn't out of the question.

DC is likely still pretty high after their major US Open Cup upset and would certainly like to play spoiler. I wouldn't think it crazy if the Revs can at least temporarily overtake the Union.

Montreal meanwhile keeps sliding down the standings and sit in fourth. They have done so many things right, and their coach is so interesting, that I can't help but really hope they not only get into the playoffs, but that they also make some noise while there.

Knowing who to pull for here is hard. Jay Heaps has done a pretty solid job for a second year rookie, given that he has basically no real budget to speak of outside of what MLS covers.

Portland Timbers vs. Seattle Sounders // Sunday, 8:00 p.m. CDT, Jeld-Wen Field, ESPN

In case you missed the memo, Seattle has had a team meeting and decided that defense is for chumps, and that the best way to win the MLS Cup is to give up nine goals in two games.

I'm not sure how the wheels done fell of that there Seattle buggy, but them wheels are a'spinnin' elsewheres now. All that's left is for Pa Schmid to put down the old horses pulling the wagon.

If Seattle wants to clinch the Supporter's Shield, they've done their very best to ruin their chances with their past two matches. If they have any real hope of capturing it, they'll have to win out, and it'll have to start against a pretty tough Portland team. There's no guarantee they'll do that, and it's even possible they could drop out of the top 3 entirely. It's crazy to consider, but it's true.

Food for Thought:
  1. Since this is a Dallas blog, and we've become numb and lost our ability to love and feel as humans should, let us pick the team that enrages you the most. Seattle or Portland? It's better to feel jealousy and rage than nothing at all.
  2. Will you be watching any international soccer this weekend?