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Letter From Bobby Warshaw

The third year midfielder penned this entry in his local paper.

via FC Dallas

I was sent this link earlier in the day and felt it deserved it's own posting. Bobby Warshaw has been in Sweden on loan for the last couple of months and given his success that he is finding there, it appears he has found a new joy in the game again.

He wrote this for his hometown newspaper in Mechanisburg, PA.

In this article, Warshaw pens a pretty interesting picture of how he and the game of soccer fought with one another. He doesn't go into any specific details but he paints a picture of how things were in the FC Dallas locker room in a very articulate manner.

Every day on the field holds something different. Every day is an up or a down. You can start the day with a fantastic training session, scoring a game winning goal to help your team win. You walk off the field with confidence, a deserving winner, ready to retake the field to do it again. Then the water break ends and the coach sets up a drill to outline the starting lineup for the upcoming game, leaving you out. Your heart drops to your stomach. You were so sure, so confident. You were going to shine. The bounce in your step disappears, replaced in equal parts by a desolate urge to crawl up and never come back and a motivated desire to train as hard as you can for as long as you can to make sure the coach never makes that decision again. Only a few minutes ago you were so optimistic, so invincible, yet the day ends with disappointment, seamlessly fitting sadness and motivation into the same millisecond.

I urge you all to give the article a read. Being that Warshaw is a Stanford graduate, you get a sense of how smart the guy is. He doesn't call out anyone by name or place any blame on anyone. Just a guy with raw emotions and feelings, looking for a break.

Note: Warshaw has also penned a few other articles, which you can find here. All of them are pretty interesting and are worth a read.