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The Trade Market Is Open, Who Should FC Dallas Go After?

With the SuperDraft a week away, many MLS clubs will be lining up moves left and right, which one will be good for FC Dallas?

Layne Murdoch

The 2013 MLS season is right around the corner. But before then as you all know by now, it is SuperDraft mode around MLS. The good of that isn't just drafting a young player that could be a stud down the road but that other teams seem to be more willing to strike a deal this time of the year.

A couple of big names appear to be on the trading block as we speak and both are from two Western Conference rivals.

Out in Denver, the Colorado Rapids could be placing midfielder Jeff Larentowicz on the trading block.

Yeah, several teams in the talks for Big Red, my gut tells me Dallas could be one of them. At least they should be one of them.

It is no secret that both Daniel and I have been fond of the defensive midfielder. He has always played very well against FC Dallas over the years and would be a massive addition to the midfield group as Schellas Hyndman looks to switch to a 4-4-2 set up in 2013. He would be a guy that could provide the proper cover behind David Ferreira in the midfield.

Larentowicz isn't a cheap player however. He made just a shade over $200k last year for the Rapids. But with the Rapids potential eagerness to trade him away, Dallas could have the cash to do it if they package the right deal. Yesterday the Rapids re-signed Hendry Thomas to a new deal, which opened the doors for a possible trade with Larentowicz.

Still in the striker market

Big Red isn't the only big name out there that could be on the trading block.

The next player to talk about may cost a pretty big penny and would be a massive gamble by the club. Dallas is still in the market for another striker, that I can confirm. My gut tells me they aren't just looking out of MLS for that next striker but are actively searching for a good deal within MLS.

That is where the Portland Timbers may come in. They have a guy by the name of Kris Boyd. You remember him right? In the Dallas games in 2012, the Scottish striker hardly did a damn thing against FC Dallas. When he cared though he played very well.

Now the price tag on Boyd is steep. Last year he made $1.5 million and cost a DP spot - something I doubt FC Dallas is willing to use up just yet this year. If somehow a deal could be worked out to get Boyd down in price, and not give up a ton would be good.

My gut reaction to a potential move on Boyd is pretty simple, I wouldn't go for it. He probably wants to be back in Scotland and will eventually be there. I also don't think he would fit this system that Hyndman has built either. But that may just be me. We never really did see him get quality service from his midfield in Portland and the guy still bagged seven goals in 2012.

Others worth looking at

Blair Gavin - midfielder that didn't get picked up through the Re-Entry draft is still available. Would come in fairly cheap too.

David Estrada - The Seattle forward showed promise before an injury last year derailed him season. Even with Fredy Montero likely gone in Seattle, you got to think the Sounders will push for a big replacement, meaning Estrada may still be further down the pecking order.

See anyone else out there that you think is worth a look in the trade market? Put it in the comments below.