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Report: Julian de Guzman Signs with Mallorca

Canadian midfielder reportedly joining struggling La Liga side

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

It's seemed more and more unlikely as they days have gone on that midfielder Julian de Guzman would not be returning to FC Dallas and now stories are flying around that De Guzman has signed with La Liga side Mallorca.

While the story has not been published by major reputable Spanish outlets(Marca, AS), it certainly seems like this deal makes sense.

Currently 16th and just two points out of the relegation zone, Mallorca has been in the Spanish top flight since 1997, finishing a respectable 8th in the table last season. The club is perhaps best known around these parts for employing Mexican star Gio Dos Santos, though they have reportedly struggled lately to pay their wage bill.

De Guzman's departure is not any sort of surprise with Dallas having signed Frenchman Peter Luccin to seemingly take over the defensive midfield spot with Bobby Warshaw and Victor Ulloa as his backups.

UPDATE: Gavin Day, the Canadian National Team beat writer over at, has a little bit extra on the story saying that the Mallorca stint is more of a training(trial?) rather than having signed but I think it remains pretty clear that he won't be returning to FC Dallas which is what anyone who reads this site is probably worried about. He adds an interesting tidbit that I didn't realize, the current coach at Mallorca coached de Guzman while he was at Deportivo La Coruna.