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Where do you watch soccer in DFW?

Wrong Side Of The Pond is putting together a crowd-sourced list of soccer friendly establishments across the country. Where do you go to watch your soccer?

Clint Hughes

If you can't be at a particular European or USMNT game, is there anything better than watching it with a beer in your hand in a pub full of like-minded footie fanatics?

I say no and the folks over at WSOTP are putting together a crowd-sourced Google Maps project to list all the soccer-friendly bars in your personal city. While I see many of the Dallas spots, I don't see any in Fort Worth so maybe someone should get on that.

For me personally, I've found myself going to the Londoner in Addison every time a Fulham game is on the TV and most times that two of the big English clubs meet. It's really a great atmosphere, especially for Arsenal games and given the fact that I'm no longer able to have a beer or two during the FC Dallas games, it's a fantastic respite for me to let out the soccer fanatic inside.

I know not everyone that frequents this site is based in the DFW area, but I'm curious to hear where most of you watch your soccer? Do you choose to remain at home on the couch in the comfort of your own home or are you religiously leaving your place every Saturday morning?