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Brek Shea Transfer to Stoke City going down to work permit

Shea currently undergoing a work permit hearing in London

Brandon Wade

It looks as though the transfer of Brek Shea to Stoke City will be going down to the wire. The latest reports from Sky Sports indicate that a work permit hearing is currently taking place at Wembley, but it's not 100% straight forward because Brek hasn't played 75% of US international games over the past year due to injury and poor form.

According to the report, Tony Pulis has traveled down to Wembley to assist the Stoke legal team and we should know more shortly. The outward transfer window closes at 5PM central time so we will know more by then.

Another interesting aspect of the video which was sent to me by Bryan Jones on Twitter is the pictures of Brek Shea training with Stoke City this morning. What an amazing turnaround it would be if Shea has gotten to the point of training with Stoke only to have the work permit not go through. Stay tuned, we will bring you the latest news as it becomes available