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Seltzer: Stoke City Offering £3.8 million Transfer Fee For Brek Shea

Greg Seltzer has the scoop on what the transfer fee for Brek Shea will be this morning.

I can now confirm that Brek Shea is currently on his way to Stoke City to complete a £3.8 million transfer. Buckle up, this particular Tuesday is moving NOS fast and furious. it's a day like this that actually makes me consider using stupid Twitter.

For those curious, that translates into almost $6 million US.

The reports had been previously that the transfer fee was only around $3 million but no one was really committing to whether or not that was US or GPD. From what I've gathered, Stoke offered that initially and FC Dallas came back with a $4 million counter offer. It seems they have settled closer to what Dallas wanted in the end.

The number still feels low to me considering after the 2011 season the club probably wouldn't have sold him for anything less than $8 or $9 million.

Today is going to be fun kiddos.