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Time To Move On From Brek Shea

As the saga continues, maybe it is just time to move forward.

Valerio Pennicino

Man I don't know about all of you but yesterday felt like a sucker punch to the gut. When the news broke that Brek Shea would indeed be sold (pending a physical) to EPL side Stoke City, a million thoughts ran through my head. I nearly wrote them all down here at the time but felt it was probably best to give it a night and see where things stand.

It turns out that I woke up with a fairly clear head and felt like it was best to just move on here.

You don't have to follow me but that is just how I am doing things here. Shea is leaving, and it is time to figure out where FC Dallas does next.

The deal isn't official by any means. I know the club only posted a small note saying no deal was done but given how Ives' report just moments later said a deal was done, I tend to side with the guy with the connections to the big agents near the league's headquarters.

Sure it may seem cruel to think this way but in a business type atmosphere sometimes the best thing to do is just move forward. That is how Schellas Hyndman and his staff will be today. That is how the rest of the team will have to follow.

New face of the club

But who does Dallas turn to? Does someone in house step up and become the new focal point for the club like Shea was?

If I am the marketing department at FC Dallas, I'm hopeful that someone will. Maybe a George John becomes the face of the club, or even a Chris Seitz given his wave of popularity after his heroics in 2012. Maybe the club goes heavy on the Latino crowd and promotes the crap out of Blas Perez, David Ferreira or a young and exciting player like Fabian Castillo.

Dallas put in so much money and effort to make Shea the face of the club and now they have to turn and find another direction. The tough part about this is that if they want another Designated Player, they'll likely have to wait until the summer to do so.

One thing we do know is that Dallas will get a decent amount of money to play with in return for Shea leaving. Enough to go out and get a good player or three if they are lucky.

Looking around the league (which is likely where the club will have to go right away to fill the void), I see a name like Kenny Cooper or a young midfielder like Dilly Duka. I'm not completely sold on either coming to Dallas but you just never know. In Cooper's case, you could say he would be welcomed back home easily by the faithful here. I'm not sure he'd put butts in the seats like Shea would but at the end of it all fans here need a player they can get excited about.

Void out wide

There is no denying it now. The flank depth is completely gone at this point for Hyndman. Castillo will likely assume the starting left spot while Jackson will fill the right. While both are good in their own respects they need back up. I honestly do no believe either of them can go for 34 games this season without cards, injuries and other items that deem them unable to go.

If Ryan Hollingshead works out and does join the club then there is one additional body. That is it. Sure maybe Zach Loyd can push up for a game or two if need be. Or London Woodberry or Kellyn Acosta can play on the wings in a pinch. Same goes for Jair Benitez. Oh yeah, at this point you can count on Benitez playing more wing time until some bodies join the team. Think of that scary proposition for a moment.

The allocation money on this sale has to be used wisely by Hyndman and Fernando Clavijo. If they don't get it right by bringing in a couple quality players that can contribute right away then the money will be all for nothing.