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FCD Stock Report - January 28

Shea trending........up?

Is this how Brek Shea will begin the 2013 season?
Is this how Brek Shea will begin the 2013 season?
Brandon Wade


Brek Shea: Alright, I know what you all are thinking. How can this moron put Shea in the stock up section?! He's been linked to leave FC Dallas in the rumored move to Stoke in the English Premier League and he's still injured and not back to full training yet. I'll tell you why he is trending up. The fact that Shea is set to be training fully this week is amazing because it was assumed that he would miss the beginning of the season when the surgery was first done. Another reason I have his stock moving up is that his name has been in the headlines for the last week and a half. That should mean extra motivation for Shea as he returns and fights for his starting spot on the wings. Brek Shea today is in a better state than he was last week and that's why he's in this section, trending upwards.

Walker Zimmerman:
When the 2013 MLS SuperDraft came along, the US Under-20 central defender was not projected to fall into FC Dallas' lap and Schellas and Co. surprised many when they snapped him up in a heartbeat. Later, Coach Hyndman revealed that FCD was trying to trade up to snatch Walker. He is a good young defender that should see plenty of playing time in the revamped MLS Reserve League. He'll have time to develop and is in a good system. This should pave the way for him to blossom into a possible potential replacement for John if he ever decides to make the jump to Europe.

Fabian Castillo:
Brek Shea is lightly training but he's still injured and the recent interview Daniel did with Fabian seemed like he was a player on the verge of greatness. Let's not forget that Castillo is only twenty years old. Not bad for a player who is now considered an MLS veteran. It's going to be up to Action Jackson and little fellow Castillo to pick up the slack. Fabian is a dynamite player and does best when he takes individuals, a recipe for success. Let us also not forget that David Ferreira is healthy now and Castillo will be the beneficiary of some excellent through balls. If David stays healthy, watch for a Castillo breakout season.


Raul Fernandez:
How can somebody who just arrived be trending downwards? Last edition of stock report, I was tooting Fernandez's horn, claiming that I had a hard time believing FCD would sign him without guaranteeing him the starting goalkeeper position. After seeing Chris Seitz in great shape and as motivated as ever, I am more than willing to eat my words. That starting goalkeeper battle seems to be one that keeps us on the edge of our seats and I really believe Schellas doesn't even know how who he wants to start just yet.

FC Dallas Draft Team:
Look, I'm not here to bash the draft selections. In three years, FCD could have the best back line in Major League Soccer with their Zimmerman selection. Rather, what I want to focus on is that they could have drafted a player who could have helped on the wings or maybe even a dynamic striker to push Pipico as the number two. Depth could have been addressed and that's what we all thought FCD needed the most, certainly on the offensive side of the ball. I'm not dumb enough to judge a draft immediately after it happens. I'm just saying, I hope they have people lined up to bring in for the attacking side of the ball or the attacking style that FCD fans have grown accustomed to see under Hyndman will cease to exist. From recent drafts though, I have faith in Schellas' evaluation ability of defensive players. Taking Hollingshead in the second round was a head-scratcher because Ryan might not even play in the league due to religious obligations. If he does, he addresses some of the questions regarding wing depth. If he doesn't, well then it's your move Mr. Clavijo.

Blas Perez:
In case you missed it, Panama defeated Guatemala last Friday en route to a fifth place finish in Copa Centroamericana. As Daniel mentioned, that means Panama has qualified for the 2013 Gold Cup. As ridiculous as that is, we now know that Blas Perez will miss even more time with the Panamanian National Team. To put things in perspective, the foot injury that kept Perez out for the most time last year was picked up during international duty. FCD is going to be without Perez for a good amount next season and unless you want to see Jackson at striker somebody else needs to be brought in.

Honorable Mentions: Chris Seitz, Ryan Hollingshead, FCD Reserve Team
Not So Honorable Mentions: Ugo Ihemelu and Peter Luccin.

I am always open to heated debates if you disagree with me. There is a comments section for a reason, bring it on! I am not afraid to admit defeat if you prove me wrong, so you have nothing to lose. :)