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FC Dallas Depth Chart: January 2013 Edition

The post draft chart is out, things are starting to fill out nicely.

Where is this all going Schellas?
Where is this all going Schellas?
Cooper Neill

It is that time again, time to evaluate where things stand in the depth chart for FC Dallas.

There are still a few open roster spots that will be filled in the coming days.

Just for reference we're only listing a player once on here - even if they can play multiple spots. We're going with the position that player would most likely play if they were 100% healthy and game-fit.

January Depth Chart:


1. Raul Fernandez
2. Chris Seitz
3. Richard Sanchez (HGP)

Left Back

1. Jair Benitez
2. Moises Hernandez (HGP)

Center Back

1. George John
2. Matt Hedges
3. Stephen Keel
4. Walker Zimmerman

Right Back

1. Zach Loyd
2. Kellyn Acosta (HGP)
3. London Woodberry (HGP)

Holding Midfielder

1. Peter Luccin
2. Bobby Warshaw
3. Victor Ulloa (HGP)

Left Midfielder

1. Brek Shea
2. Fabian Castillo (DP)

Central Midfielder

1. Andrew Jacobson

Right Midfielder

1. Jackson
2. Ryan Hollingshead

Attacking Midfielder

1. David Ferreira (DP)


1. Blas Perez
2. Pipico
3. Jonathan Top (HGP)
4. Bradlee Baladez (HGP)


- Ihemelu may be done. We haven't had a strong update one way or the other on him but things haven't sounded great in regards to him lately.

- Some could argue that Zimmerman will be above Keel in the chart but really they are a push for me. Both are backups to Hedges and John.

- Hernandez is on loan in Costa Rica so in all seriousness, the left back spot is incredibly thin behind Benitez. Thankfully you could see someone like Woodberry or even Acosta line up on the outside in the defense as well, though that wouldn't be Schellas Hyndman's first choice for either. Ihemelu will likely end up being moved to the outside should he actually return.

- James Marcelin is gone. That much we know. I know one person that will be ecstatic on here.

- Ricardo Villar is also gone. So the depth behind Ferreira is now very thin as well.

- I nearly lumped the center mid and defensive mid together to give you a sense of how a 4-4-2 could look. If I did that then you would see Jacobson on top followed by Luccin and the rest of the DMs.

- Five international slots used up, that is pretty good to see. Clavijo has some wiggle room there.

The needs:

- Still need depth up front. We know Fernando Clavijo is working on signing another striker, gotta think something will drop fairly soon, though it may not be until next month.

- Depth on the wing is so thin.

- Three senior roster spots are open at the moment, four if you don't count Ihemelu.

- Developmental roster (or the 10 that don't count against the cap) is up to eight, nine if Hollingshead does sign with the club. Maybe one of those Supplemental picks will make the team but I wouldn't hold my breath.