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Notes From FC Dallas Training Camp Day One

One big thing on Brek Shea and a bunch of little things from the first day of camp

Brett Deering

I have to make this quick because it's late and there will be plenty of training sessions to come, but here's the dirt from today's training, short and sweet. As I came from the other job and only arrived for the last 20 minutes or so, I may have missed a few things, I'll have a more complete review of things on Wednesday.

-Brek Shea is surprisingly in Frisco. Will he be gone to Stoke tomorrow? Who knows, but he is here now which was an enormous surprise. The good news on Brek is that he seems well ahead of schedule. The winger was running with his boots on making cuts and looking like a player that was well ahead of the schedule that his surgery suggests he should be on. Stay tuned in the next couple days as if Shea doesn't suddenly become absent soon, he could be an FC Dallas player. This deal seems far from done.

-James Marcelin and Ricardo Villar were not present and I do not believe they are expected to be in camp.

-There is a trialist in camp named Michel Garbini Pereira...Brazilian dude, I didn't really get much of a look. If he makes it to Cancun, they're serious about him. I'll get a better look on Wednesday. There's another trialist who is a goalkeeper, but it's probably just to make up numbers.

-Raul Fernandez and Peter Luccin were not here today, still working out paperwork issues. Schellas said something about today being MLK day and things being closed hurting things. Fernandez I can understand as he was only recently signed, but Luccin not having everything sorted out given that they've known about his signing for 6 weeks absolutely baffles me.

-Richard Sanchez and Jon Top are with their respective youth national teams, but they should be back tomorrow and training on Wednesday.

-Fabian Castillo has a ridiculous fuzzy fade haircut.

-Ugo Ihemelu did not train and cut his semi-dreads off. He doesn't look like the same person.

-They are not expected to play any pre-season games in Frisco before the team leaves for Cancun after next week. There's only six weeks of pre-season so there's just not enough time to get the regular pre-season games in.

-I'm hearing great things about Bradlee Baladez and his chances coming into this pre-season.

-Everyone seemed in a great mood, Schellas, George John, Ferreira, everyone. Nothing like the first days of pre-season. Everyone is 0-0-0.

-More on tomorrow and here as well.

-I love pre-season. Let's get this thing going.