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Hollingshead Too Good to Pass Up |

Looking a little bit more into the FC Dallas 2nd round draft pick

Chris Trotman

I think people around here will be very interested in my article filed Saturday for talking about Ryan Hollingshead. In the article, I talk with Schellas about the draft pick and he sheds some light on the decision.

"Ryan is a player that we've identified over the last three years," Hyndman (above) told "He's the Pac-12 player of the year. Our scouts, contacts and coaches all rated him as a top four pick in the draft. He had the opportunity to go to Haiti to do some missionary work and I think he was off some people's radar."

"I've just got to believe that our risk is well worth it," said Hyndman. "We looked to see the players who were still left in the draft that had big capability, and we really felt like this was a direction we needed to go."

It seems to me like Dallas will certainly make a hard push to get Hollingshead into Frisco and with Brek Shea possibly gone, the minutes are very much there for the UCLA winger. At the end of the day, I think it certainly is a risk worth taking as you're really not very likely to find anything other than a depth player with the #20 pick so why not try to hit it big with Hollingshead? You've got the 1st round supplemental #7 pick to try and draft a spot that you identified you need cheap, low-ceiling depth so taking a shot on him makes sense.

I don't think Dallas made this pick with some crazy inside knowledge that he's going to pursue a pro soccer career, why would Dallas have a connection more than another team? However, I think they simply had him ranked too high to pass up and given the lack of developmental roster spots due to the amount of homegrowns signed already, why not?