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Seltzer: FC Dallas Rejects Stoke City Bid for Brek Shea

Euro-based reporter saying Dallas has rejected Stoke bid

Ronald Martinez

This thing is getting tricky. Earlier today, Taylor Twellman dropped the bombshell that FC Dallas has accepted a bid from Stoke City for $3.5m while Ives Galarcep confirmed that Stoke had made the bid but not so far that FCD had accepted it.

Now we have another twist in the story reported by Greg Seltzer saying that FC Dallas rejected a bid around $3 million for Shea.

Just had a few words with a few folks. Stoke City has made an offer in the area of $3 million for FC Dallas winger Brek Shea The club said no and aren't really looking to sell, but Stoke are still trying to negotiate. As of this moment, I am unaware of any competing offers. Stay tuned.

So it looks like this one is turning into a transfer saga. The most likely outcome of all this is simply negotiating tactics. FC Dallas is going to want to get every dollar out of Stoke and we saw a similar drawn out transfer story when Geoff Cameron made his move to Stoke earlier this year.