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More Rest Ahead For John, Jacobson and Ferreira?

With a game on turf, Schellas Hyndman could rest his three key players for another week.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The MLS season is a long and grueling one according to any player or coach that you talk to. Even when things are going as well as they have been for FC Dallas, rest and time management for players is a key thing for head coach Schellas Hyndman.

He knows that with guys like Andrew Jacobson, George John and David Ferreira still on the mend with various injuries that a trip to the Pacific Northwest this weekend may be off the table for those three.

Tuesday at training he said he was still in a wait and see mode due to the turf situation that the Seattle Sounders home CenturyLink Field uses.

"The problem with the turf is you pick up silly injuries," Hyndman said to reporters following Tuesday's training. "You'd be surprised how much it wears your calves and legs out. Now, if you're playing on turf all the time, you get used to it. It's like playing at altitude all the time, you get used to it."

Hyndman did mention to reporters last Saturday that he thought that Ferreira and Jacobson could have gone in the match against D.C. United but he opted to save their legs for another week. He also mention that had last week's game been in Seattle that he wouldn't have even thought twice about sitting them.

So far this week it has been more of the same in training for those three. Yesterday John and Jacobson sat out to the side to avoid contact while Ferreira sat out practice all together.

Hyndman mentioned that he would have a decision to make on John either today or tomorrow before the club takes off to Seattle following tomorrow morning's training session.

"If it was a grass field, I think we'd feel a lot more comfortable with it, but being that he had a knee injury and now we're back on turf, I have to look at the bigger picture of the rest of the season," Hyndman explained.