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Reports: Oscar Pareja To Step Down As Colorado Manager

It sounds like Dan Hunt will get his man after all.

Doug Pensinger

To call this a saga may be undercutting some things a wee bit.

First FC Dallas wants Oscar Pareja, then they can't have him. Then they want him again, only to have more talk of him staying in the Mile High city. To today, where reports from suggest that Pareja will indeed step down as the manager of the Colorado Rapids.

The thought earlier this week was that Pareja would remain in Colorado until 2015, he had one year remaining on his contract with the Rapids and the team picked up its one-year option on the head coach late last season.

Current New York Red Bulls assistant coach Robin Fraser is the top candidate to replace Pareja in Colorado, according to the report. Former Portland Timbers head coach John Spencer - who suited up for the Rapids from 2001-04 - is also a leading candidate, according to the report.

No talk on how quickly things will get resolved on the FC Dallas side of things. It is Saturday though and the club is probably dealing (on a very small scale) with the NCAA FCS title game being played in their home park today. I would imagine by Monday afternoon we'll know how things will really be going once both front offices are back from the Christmas and New Years holiday.

Nothing is coming out from either side at the moment. I've reached to both clubs but have not yet received a word from either. I'll let you all know how that goes if anything pops up before Monday.