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New Year, Same Situation As The End Of 2013

The calendar has flipped to 2014 and FCD still has no coach.

Otto Greule Jr

Well, have you hit the panic button? I've been saying for weeks that the time to panic would be now but how come I'm not panicking about this current situation for FC Dallas? The last couple of days have been interesting in terms of sources from both the Dallas side of things and the Colorado side of things.

Our friends at the are saying that it isn't about the money though that would take to get Oscar Pareja. That story refutes what the Dallas Morning News said earlier in the week too.

No matter what side is right or wrong about this, the fact remains the same. FC Dallas is still coach-less as we enter yet another new month, this time being a new calendar year.

We're less than three weeks out of the SuperDraft, and a little under a month away from the start of preseason camp. FCD isn't just going to Florida this winter either for preseason, they're going to the Middle East. Those are big plans that need a coach to guide the team through.

Apparently this whole saga is all about Dan Hunt getting his man in Pareja more than anything else. He's willing to break open the bank instead of just promoting from within. I'm not advocating for the hire of Marco Ferruzzi right now but I'd be willing to take it if it meant this saga was over and done with.

But according to the Burgundy Wave, we may have a few more days of this stuff. This is quickly turning into a league matter more than just two teams doing business with one another. Draft picks and money will have to change hands here. It makes me wonder if the club would even be willing enough to part with something as high as the fifth overall pick in this month's SuperDraft to get Pareja (along with a good chunk of money).

I also wonder if getting Pareja means a change in the guard in coaching staff here and in Colorado. Will Pareja be able to bring over someone like former FCD manager Dave Dir too? Or will Pareja be open to working with the crew that is already in place here.

There is so much left to be told in this story, I honestly feel like we're just getting started here even though we're going into our third month of this. But either way, the question I ask of you all today, are you panicking? Or are you a little more calmer knowing that Hunt is breaking the bank to get a quality coach here in Dallas?