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Another Week Coach-less While The Offseason Ramping Up

This week marks a big week in the offseason for teams around MLS.

It has been discussed and beaten to death for over a month now. FC Dallas still remains coach-less as we head into the second full week of December.

But again, you all know that already.

This week marks a big step in the offseason progression around Major League Soccer. Today opens up the first trade window of the offseason for one thing. Coaches, general mangers and technical directors like FC Dallas' own Fernando Clavijo will have their first opportunity to make some noise as that window opens up officially.

The next thing to bring up for this week is the first stage of the Re-Entry Draft. We'll know the names on participating in the Re-Entry Draft later today and have you covered on that front when they are released.

The first stage in that 'draft' is this Thursday with the more entertaining round coming next week.

So far we know two FC Dallas players that will be involved in that 'draft' with David Ferreira and Ramon Nunez available for selection. I highly doubt either player will go in Stage One on Thursday but Stage Two may be a different animal with a couple teams said to be interested in talking to Ferreira about 2014. So we'll see.

But again, the longer we go coach-less the more pressure we have to put on Clavijo for 2014. In a small way, 2014 will be built mostly by him. Having the trade window open, the Re-Entry Draft this week and next week, those moves will be made without the influence of a head coach.

Until we know who is on that Re-Entry Draft list, it may be hard to speculate too much as to whether or not the club will go through and select anyone like they did a year ago with defender Stephen Keel. If they do make a selection, it may give us some indication as to what areas they will be looking at this winter though.

The clock is ticking but I do think things will ramp up in a big way in the coming days around here, especially once this town thaws out from the ice storm.