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Fernando Clavijo: Search Should Wrap Up This Week

Clavijo continues to stress that the club is looking for the right candidate.

In a last minute conference call with a couple of media members today, FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo gave yet another update on the coaching search that the club has conducted. The biggest news to stress is that the club has narrowed the search down to three candidates even though they are behind the timeline that they originally had placed upon themselves.

"Like we have said before, we are a little bit behind the ball because the whole idea at this point was to have a coach in place," said Clavijo. "We have interviewed everybody that we wanted to. And right now we are down to three candidates and hopefully we can make a decision in the next couple of days."

Hearing that this all could come to a head by the end of the week is a good thing to see.

Clavijo wouldn't comment directly as to who the three candidates were but did confirm that long-time assistant coach Marco Ferruzzi is a candidate.

"Marco was a good candidate in many ways and reasons," said Clavijo. "He relates to the players very well and he's a true professional."

Clavijo also stressed that he was not in the running for the coaching vacancy and that he pulled his name out on day one to help assist with the coaching search. The former Colorado head coach joked that he wanted to make sure he lived just a little longer by not diving back into coaching.