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Re-Examining The Coaching List For FC Dallas

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The Rapids say Pareja isn't going anywhere, Kreis is still in the playoffs but who else is there for FC Dallas to get?

Hey, here is a look at Sigi in front of the FC Dallas crowd. Just for fun.
Hey, here is a look at Sigi in front of the FC Dallas crowd. Just for fun.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It almost feels like we've been at this coaching search for ages now. But the reality is, FC Dallas is probably still a couple miles away from hiring someone as their next head coach.

I haven't really given my full thoughts on this whole search other than a few comments here and there. After the way things have gone this week, it felt like the time was right to do it to finish out this week.

So let's take another look at that coaching list, shall we? We had our original list a few weeks back, now it is time to trim it down (I may have sprinkled in another name or two). I've decided to break this down in to a couple separate 'plans', feel free to add any other names that you think should be on this list.

Plan A

- Obviously it goes without saying, these two are likely at the top of the list for FC Dallas. But this 'plan' is quickly starting to fade away into the sunset here for the club. I hope the club is balancing the time and energy spent on these guys as they are with the other names on their list. -

Oscar Pareja - Yesterday news broke that Colorado wouldn't let one MLS team talk to Oscar Pareja. Then the club President came out and said Pareja isn't going anywhere and that is that. Is the door completely shut on landing him? Yes and no. I think the last couple of days has proven that either he isn't as willing to leave as we once thought or that the Rapids are going to do whatever they can to hold on to their guy.

The more I talk with people close to the club and around the league, the more this one seems less likely. It isn't that Pareja doesn't want to come back here as much as it is he knows he has a really good thing going in Colorado. That team, whether we want to believe it or not, will be a contender again next year. But there is still some glimmer of hope because of Dan Hunt. If he wants something bad enough, he is the type of person that will go out and get it.

Jason Kreis - Honestly, the door should be shut on this one. He's not going to come back to Dallas at this time. I still believe that no matter what happens this season, he'll be heading to New York. Add in the fact that Real Salt Lake advanced last night in the playoffs, it means Dallas can't approach him until at least Thanksgiving. They don't want to wait that long. Nor should they.

Plan B

- Plan B has some notable names that are still getable. It wouldn't shock me if the club has already moved on to this section in their search. -

Tab Ramos - If Plan A is off the table for FC Dallas, he should certainly be the next person Dallas goes after. To me, this is the best situation for Dallas. But convincing him that he needs to come to Dallas to start something special will be the hard sell that the Hunts have to do. Word has it, Ramos wants to stay on board with the USSF and take Claudio Reyna's old job. He would still be a big hire that fans would love to see.

Sigi Schmid - Yes, technically Schmid is still employed today by the Seattle Sounders. But how long will that really last? Some folks I've spoken to up in the Pacific Northwest suggest that Schmid needed to get by Portland last night to even had a real shot at saving his job there in Seattle. He obviously didn't get that job done last night in Portland as the Timbers advanced. Schmid and the Hunts have history together too, which is something to speak of here. Schmid won a MLS Cup in Columbus while the Hunts owned that team. There was no hard feelings when he bolted to Seattle when they joined MLS a few years back either, so this one wouldn't shock me one bit if the dominos fall this way.

Richie Williams - I don't know why more people aren't talking about Williams here. The guy is a winner in my book and would do really good things here if he were given the shot. He is the type of young coach that could reboot the locker room and get players to play together on the same page for a change. Plus, I think he would do well with the youth that is involved with this team as well.

Plan C

- And when all else fails, the club could try their hand at some former MLS coaches. -

Dave Sarachan - The former Chicago Fire coach was on the FC Dallas short list a few years back when they hired Schellas Hyndman. Now that the LA Galaxy are out of the playoffs, he is likely a guy that can be approached again by FC Dallas, should the club want to go in that direction. This one is a long shot though in some ways, I've heard from several folks out west that Sarachan loves his life in California and loves working with Bruce Arena and the Galaxy.

Robin Fraser - I don't think Fraser's name has been spoken enough in this search. Yes, his one coaching gig was a bust but can you really blame him for what he tried to do with Chivas USA? I don't think so. He is currently an assistant in New York under Petke, so he is available to be approached if FC Dallas wants to.

Plan D

- When it doubt, go local. -

Marco Ferruzzi - He hasn't been contacted by the Hunts to discuss this position. At least not yet. Ferruzzi is a very smart guy and a very capable leader for this club. To me, he is the club's version of Mike Petke. A loyal guy that fans know but likely have no desire wanting as their manager. I'm not saying if the club hires him that the team will turn out like the Red Bulls did this year in winning the Supporters' Shield. I do think that he wouldn't be the worst choice on the list. He knows the team, the area, the league, and most of all where this club should go next in terms of the players on the roster.