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Oscar Pareja: FC Dallas Hasn't Reached Out To Me

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During the final day of the Colorado Rapids' training, reporters once again asked the obvious question.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

Just like FC Dallas, the Colorado Rapids were wrapping up their 2013 season today with a final day of training and media availability. Naturally the local media in Denver asked the obvious question to head coach Oscar Pareja about the rumors of him heading back to Frisco to take the FC Dallas head coach job.

Surprisingly enough, Pareja hasn't been contacted yet. Colorado beat writer Chris Bianchi tweeted out the following regarding Pareja earlier today:

Bianchi also offered up his opinion on whether or not he thinks Pareja leaves Commerce City or not. He's a little closer to the situation than any of us these days so it is worth noting.

This all comes around the same time as hearing that FC Dallas has flown in some other coaches from NCAA and other places to interview for the position. Hearing that Pareja hasn't been contacted isn't that surprising to me, considering how FC Dallas likes to go about their business. They wanted to remain respectful through this process and waiting until the Rapids closed their season out was likely the reason for that.

Pareja's comment though on the rumors is an interesting one too. He didn't put to rest the rumors at all but he also didn't throw any cold water on them.

I think it is safe to say, that getting him to return to Frisco will take some convincing from FC Dallas upper management. Not just in a financial sense but possible in other areas too, decision making areas. I'm just speculating on that last part but I've seen enough of these coaching hirings in MLS go this way in the past. Look no further to Frank Yallop getting the keys to everything in Chicago for proof.