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University of New Mexico Coach Interviews With FC Dallas

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Fishbein has 164 wins against 52 losses and 28 ties with New Mexico.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As I expected, a few stories like this one have surfaced. FC Dallas has begun interviewing coaches and have flew a few out to North Texas to discuss the open job. This report out of New Mexico states that University of New Mexico men's soccer coach Jeremy Fishbein is one of the few that have interviewed for the head coaching job with FC Dallas.

Fishbein was interviewed FC Dallas for the head coaching job. The current coach of FC Dallas is resigning at the end of the season.

In his weekly press conference Tuesday, Fishbein said New Mexico had been really good for him and his family. He is not sure how he would respond if offered the job but, said the opportunity is flattering.

As you can tell from the article linked above, Fishbein doesn't seem overly confident in taking the job with FC Dallas. Some on Twitter have suggested he has already pulled his name from contention but I haven't gotten any official confirmation about that from FC Dallas.

I should note that Fishbein wasn't one of the top candidates for the job in Frisco. I've been told FC Dallas has flown a couple coaches out to interview for the position and Fishbein was indeed one of them. FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo told the media last week that the club would be looking at several different options for the head coaching job, including some college coaches.

Big D Soccer will continue to be on the lookout for stories like this to report to you during this coaching search.

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