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Coaching Search Update: We still have a handful of candidates left to interview

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It appears the coaching search could take just a little bit longer than originally planned.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The coaching search for FC Dallas has been an interesting journey so far in this offseason. Originally the team had stated that they wanted to get someone in place by the end of November to help with the roster construction of next season.

During a media call today, Hunt Sports Group vice president Dan Hunt stated that the club still had several interviews to conduct within the next ten days before reaching a final decision.

"We have interviewed in person six candidates, one on the phone," said Hunt. "We have a handful more lined up to do in person [including the one candidate interviewed over the phone]."

Neither Hunt or technical director Fernando Clavijo would give up any specific names of who they are interviewing but Hunt did indicate that they are being very respectful for any candidates that are still currently employed elsewhere.

"We are obviously, because of league rules, some coaches that are still in the playoffs we have to be careful," said Hunt. "Yes, there is some interest in a couple of people involved through the different organizations. We will be reaching out to those clubs. It's something that on a personal level, we try to be very mindful of those teams participating right now. We're just waiting on opportunities there."

FC Dallas may not be able to get a new coach hired by their self-imposed end of November deadline. Hunt and Clavijo stated that the club has already made decisions on several player contacts despite not having a new coach in place.

"We have made the bulk of the decisions," explained Hunt. "Obviously, if we have a coach in place, their input will be valued and we will want them to help make decisions. I think when you look at our roster, our needs and our financial commitments, it is very set with the exception of bringing in two or three players which we would hope the head coach would have an impact on and a very strong one because we want him to have his players. Just the way this roster was designed, we tried to keep in intact as best as we can. We were in first place for about three months. It is a very good roster."

Hunt went on to say that this isn't a roster that needs reconstructed this offseason, just a few tweaks to get it over the hump.