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Report: Could FC Dallas Buyout Oscar Pareja's Colorado Contract?

Soccer America states that the Frisco side could be attempting to bring home a club legend.

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I will say this to start off the bat. The coaching search for FC Dallas is going to take some time. My sources haven't given me too many names since the process just got started. But it appears that one name could be floating to the top of the surface in Frisco.

Soccer America is reporting that the club could try and buyout Oscar Pareja's contract in Colorado.

FC Dallas is believed to be preparing a buyout of Oscar Pareja's remaining year of contract with Colorado and bring him back to the team for which he played eight seasons and was an assistant coach for six more.

This was the only line in their recent coaching carousel article that everyone seems to be writing these days (myself included). So taking in the context of the short mention in the article kind of hits you and if you skim through the article you may miss it.

A buyout of is current deal would be an interesting move out of the Hunts. A fairly aggressive one as well.

The main part of the article was centered around the Columbus Crew and their coaching search as well. There were two more names mentioned that I wouldn't mind being discussed here in town. Former LA Galaxy defender Gregg Berhalter and former New York assistant Richie Williams.

Obviously I wouldn't take either over Pareja but if a buyout is unsuccessful, Dallas could do much worse than one of those two names as well.