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FC Dallas Community Practice: September 5

Tonight FCD held their first(and only?) community practice of the season out at Railroad Park in Lewisville. I think these things are absolutely fantastic ways to become a part of a community as a team. I really have no clue why Dallas doesn't do more of these around the metroplex given how large the area is.

I took this opportunity to take my new camera out there and shoot practice for the first time. I'm extremely amateur at this stuff, but hope you enjoy the pictures.

As far as practice goes, it was a fairly small session with players gone for international duty and a few injuries, but the team did some small sided scrimmages at about 75% pace. The one player I was happy with was Matias Jara who looks to be increasing his fitness levels.

The forward was lively and his linkup play was good. I'm definitely going to be watching him as much as any other player in the Leon friendly coming up this Sunday.