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Better Understanding the New Big D Soccer

With over 48 hours on the new SB Nation platform, some explanations on how to best view the new Big D Soccer

Tom Pennington - Getty Images

I'm a writer. I'm not a tech guy. I like to watch soccer, analyze it and maybe shoot some pictures and video.

For better or for worse(probably worse for job prospects), it takes me a little longer to figure some things out when running this website. I'm well ahead of the average joe out there when it comes to website stuff, but still lagging behind the super techy people out there.

So when all this stuff went live on Monday, despite training videos, BETA testing and what not, I really just had to do some trial and error coupled with seeing how other people *Cough* Sounder at Heart *Cough* utilized our fancy new tools.

With 48+ hours under my belt, I'm starting to get the hang of everything now and I wanted to pass along some things I've noticed that I think you'll really like about the new site and pass along a little bit of my vision on how this thing will be run.

I think the explanations below will make your viewing of this site more efficient and focused rather than just the sensory overload that it seems to be right now. We all have our habits on how we consume content and I think this will be really helpful in digesting the new site because the content won't change, it's only going to get better.


First off is the cover which is obviously the most notable and viewed change. There are actually five different settings we can change the cover to which you will see over time, but generally the one you see will be the one we have up now which is the one story at the top with three stories below it. I think most of the time that top story will be some sort of discussion piece.

Then you have the three stories below it which will be the newsy stuff...I.E.When Ferreira breaks his nose and it doesn't keep him out of action, it's not the top story, but rather one of the three below the top story. That means that things will not necessarily be posted in chronological order anymore, so if you have already read and commented on the top story, don't think that there isn't any new content/news.


Another cool bit of the big cover is we can put other SB Nation stories in any spot I want on there(which will usually be the bottom right corner). So when there's a long feature piece on something that's worth reading, we can throw it in there. This top cover is becoming hopefully an ever-changing and organic thing despite if we have something new that we've written in the last few hours or not.


The other thing I think you'll like is there is now incentive to scroll down the page past the top cover because you will see news feeds bringing you the best of MLS news around SB Nation(and there is a lot of great stuff), as well as scroll further and you have the official FC Dallas YouTube page feed which automatically updates with new videos when FC Dallas posts them. Right now you'll find highlights from Tuesday's reserve league match down there.

Basically what this all means is that Big D Soccer is becoming what I hope is an organic and ever-changing site that you should make a point to visit on more than just a daily basis even if the content is only coming out a couple times a day because things will be changing all the time due to our new editorial toys we have to play with.

It's a lot to take in, but after being a bit skeptical and overwhelmed at first, I can now see how these changes are really going to be something special around here and around the network.

Cheers and DTID!