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How Would A Fan Vote Look For A FC Dallas GM?

Seattle Sounders fans get to vote every four years on their GM, how would that look for FC Dallas upper management?

George Frey - Getty Images

Every four years season ticket holders (and other fans that pay) of the Seattle Sounders FC get a chance to vote on their team's General Manager. Start soon those fans will be allowed to go online an vote for on the current GM Adrian Hanauer and decide whether or not he gets to keep his job.

Voting will conclude in December, after MLS Cup.

Sounders fans obviously have a couple months to decide this for Hanauer and rightfully so considering the fact that should the Sounders reach MLS Cup, he would probably be good to keep on board. Now if the Sounders bomb out of the playoffs yet again, maybe it would be worth taking a look at someone else.

I'm a fan of the four-year deal for a position like this. Give it time to work out and hit a strike.

This all got me thinking. How would this look for FC Dallas? Naturally there is no General Manager position and there hasn't been one since Michael Hitchcock ran the show at Pizza Hut Park.

These days the team is built by three men, CEO Doug Quinn, Technical Director Fernando Clavijo, and current head coach Schellas Hyndman.

If you gave them a four year spell it would be pretty difficult to vote on now considering the fact that this is their first year together as a trio. Quinn and Hyndman have had a longer spell together but it is still not four years.

But for arguments' sake, let's vote anyways.

How would you rate the current trio for FC Dallas? We've seen some highs and lows already in year one of this group.