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Destiny In and Out of FC Dallas' Hands

Dallas just needs wins but they need help as well.

Cooper Neill - Getty Images

You've heard it all before. A team that controls their own destiny.

The same can be said for a team that doesn't control their own destiny.

The thing for FC Dallas, those two items apply to them. By winning in their four remaining games they control their own destiny as they push towards a playoff berth. But at the same time they need help to get the control out of the Vancouver Whitecap's hands.

It really is simple these days for FC Dallas. No one below Dallas in the standings is worth worrying about anymore. Only one team out there to concern with is Vancouver. Chivas USA could be eliminated from playoff contention this weekend with a loss, so could the Colorado Rapids and the Portland Timbers.

The likelihood of all three clubs below FC Dallas being eliminated this weekend isn't that high but it is there. Unfortunately those three being eliminated also means that Vancouver wins their games this weekend with Seattle.

Still, destiny is in Dallas' hands...or feet rather.

Vancouver may have the games at home advantage over FC Dallas these days but momentum is huge in this league and that is something that has escaped the Caps over the last two months. Dallas has momentum and it all begins this Saturday at Buck Shaw Stadium against the San Jose Earthquakes.

I think Schellas Hyndman put it best last week to 3rd Degree's Todd Date when asked about the playoffs.

Our destiny's not in our hands, but what we can do is put our destiny in our hands. We can count on if we play well and if we do everything we possibly can, then I don't think we have any reason for backing off, saying we didn't give our best. So I think the mentality right now is do everything we can and let things fall where they fall. On the other side of it, two months ago who ever thought we'd be even talking about this? While a lot of people have given up on us, the guys didn't give up on each other.

All they have to do is win baby. Just win and the destiny will come.