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Following up on Scott Sealy

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This morning I have a piece up on about Scott Sealy and how he has accomplished his mission in 2012. I wanted to follow up on that piece a little bit here because Sealy, a player who has certainly had his detractors this year, is really having a nice season for FC Dallas.

Scott is a guy that came into pre-season and earned his spot on the team with some very good performances. He suffered a few curious injuries, but overall you have to say in a season that has seen disappointing amounts of production from many players, Sealy has been a bright spot.

The Trinidad and Tobago forward is earning just over $50,000 while if you ask any player, they will tell you that Sealy is one of the hardest working guys in practice every day and a great guy to have in the locker room.

I spoke to the coach before I came here and he set forth my role what he wanted me to do. He wanted my experience and especially to be a leader with the younger kids and the reserve team getting those guys up to a higher level. I’m happy, the team’s doing well we’re still in with a chance to get into the playoffs and that’s our goal.

Say what you want about the merits of a roster where Sealy is your first backup forward, but the fact that he's made it through a full season without any major injuries and has scored goals for both the first team/reserves shows how much hard work he's put in.

Right now, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see Scott back next year as the #4 forward on the depth chart, and I'm pretty fine with that.