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De Guzman's Late Goal Sets Up A Massive Four Game Stretch

Julian de Guzman hits a game winner that could mean big things for FC Dallas' playoff hopes.

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Sometimes all you need is a bit of luck or magic...hell or both. For the majority of the 2012 season, neither luck or magic were present enough for FC Dallas.

But as the tide turned on the season and a long drought ended back in the summer, things began to turn for the better. And after last night, it appears that possible both luck and magic are finally back on the same page with FC Dallas.

The 96th minute goal by Julian de Guzman was a thing of beauty on so many levels. Redemption in some parts for de Guzman with regards to his MLS career in Toronto. Luck in some senses as he was truly in the right place at the right time. And lastly, it was just magical - a goal that can easily lift a club for weeks on end.

"We talked about the four D's: determination, dedication, discipline, and desire," said FC Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman. "Those are the four D's we talked about before the game and we felt like we can keep our emotions under control and stay disciplined not only with our response to calls or non-calls, but to stay disciplined with how the game goes and to stay with the key thing, and that's determination, and I think the desire showed all the way to the end. So it became very emotional."

Emotional indeed. I've been around this club for a few years now and I honestly don't remember seeing this bunch so lifted up by a single goal. Sure FC Dallas has scored some magical goals over the years but this one had some special meaning as the club gears up for an important four game stretch.

"They never quit. They kept on fighting. So I think the determination is there. How does this go forward? I think right now probably not too many teams out there want to play FC Dallas," said Hyndman.

Dallas now has the most important stretch of the season left on their schedule. Two games with Chivas USA (home and away) along with road games at the San Jose Earthquakes and the Seattle Sounders. Four big games and the goal from de Guzman may be enough juice to get this club what they need to pull out for straight wins. Players were quick to say how big of a goal it was last night.

"It was the goal of the year, absolutely. It was a great strike. Our next game is at San Jose in two weeks, so we have some time to regroup. I'm glad we're still alive (in the playoff race)," said defender George John who had to watch the goal from the training room due to an ankle injury he suffered late in the match.

Rookie defender Matt Hedges echoed the sentiments: "It really allows us to move forward and focus on getting into playoffs... a great win for us."

The confidence is sky high now for FC Dallas. As long as Dallas sticks to the four D's that Hyndman referred to in the final four games, there is no doubt that this club could sneak into the playoffs in the Western Conference.