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Hyndman on George John, Julian De Guzman & Vancouver Whitecaps

Schellas Hyndman offers up thoughts on de Guzman's game-winner and an update on George John

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Schellas Hyndman had a really interesting post-game presser last night with some quotes that didn't make it into the quote sheet, for brevity's sake I would imagine, and I wanted to include them here with a few comments added.

Hyndman on De Guzman's Impact to FC Dallas even apart from the goal

Julian de Guzman has been great. We got a great deal from Toronto and I’m happy to say Toronto’s still paying his salary so for us it was a great deal.

We lost a good young man in Andrew Wiedeman who is playing for them. I think he fits into what they’re doing and Julian fits into what we’re doing. For Julian to play as well as he is, he’s had to put some people on the bench, people that aren’t getting as much playing time as they used to.

I don’t want it to be just the goal that we recognize Julian, I think he’s been very good for us since he’s been here. He closes the ball well, relieves pressure, he’s a strong tackler on the ball, a national team player for Canada. He’s been a big asset to the team.

Firstly, this is interesting because it's the first time I've seen anyone from Dallas state on the record that Toronto FC is still paying his salary. The second interesting part is the obvious nod to Daniel Hernandez basically talking about how well Julian has had to play to unseat Hernandez's starting role. Just really really interesting stuff...

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Hyndman on Vancouver

I know we have people here from Vancouver and I want to complement you on what a great team you have. You have an unbelievable team when you look at the talent that’s on the field.

There’s not too many right fullbacks like Lee. He’s an outstanding player, then you have DeMerit then you look at the strike force with Miller and Mattocks coming off the bench and Thorrington. You have an outstanding team.

Like most teams we have great days and we have poor days but it’s still a good team. The difference is right now is I think Vancouver is probably going through some mental strain and questions on what’s going on. I think this might be the fifth game in a row that Vancouver’s lost. It’s not easy, we’ve been there.

The quote about Vancouver's mental strain is obviously the most interesting one as the Whitecaps have indeed lost five games in a row and their last two against FC Dallas. I can't remember who said it, but someone noted in the press box that when FCD and Vancouver first met a month ago, there was an 11-point gap between teams. Now the gap is one point and while Martin Rennie was very upbeat post-game, the quotes from other players on the team were not. Next Sunday evening Vancouver hosts Colorado while Dallas is obviously idle.

Schellas Hyndman on George John's injury

A sprained ankle and we don’t know what that means. We’re off next weekend, we had all our games earlier in the year and unfortunately that’s when we had most of our injuries. With George it could be two weeks, four weeks or six weeks, all I know is that it’s a sprain.

The biggest downer in the match was obviously midway through the second half when a cross hit George John's foot right before he planted, causing the big defender's ankle to buckle. At first it looked like it might be a break, but that doesn't seem to be the case. George would not comment on the ankle after the game, but the fact that he was in the locker room and not at the hospital getting x-rays is probably a positive sign. The fact that Dallas has just one game in the next 21 days may be a huge blessing in this situation.