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What's on my mind? September 14

The biggest advantage to returning depth

Offensive depth is a big issue for FC Dallas this season. It would be whether or not injuries had decimated Schellas Hyndman's strike force, but they certainly didn't help. Probably the #1 criticism of Schellas Hyndman that I get on Twitter are his negative substitution policies(as if Scott Sealy coming off the bench would be the cure to all goal scoring problems) and it's probably one of his shakier qualities as a gaffer.

So the most underrated aspect of returning depth is more options on the bench. Looking at the bench for Saturday, should Loyd start: Seitz, Pertuz, Hernandez, Marcelin, Villar, Castillo, Jara(Sealy)....woof

Now that is a bench. Let's see what Schellas can do with some proven MLS choices on the bench rather than unproven young players.

Sellout Saturday

Enjoy tomorrow night's game. That's all I can say about it. You're looking at a near sold-out crowd for a huge game in September with a full squad for FC Dallas. If you can't get pumped up for that, you're probably in the wrong business.

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Blas Scoring Goals

Blas Perez is a streaky goal-scorer. He has been for most of his career. With that in mind, it bodes very well for FC Dallas and Super Raton that Perez scored against Canada in World Cup Qualifying on Tuesday. Perez struggled in 90 minutes on the Vancouver turf earlier this season, but you've got to think he will be raring to go in front of the big crowd on Saturday. Calling a big game from him...