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FCD Practice Rewind 9/14


The first jacket-weather practice of the season!(though don't tell that to an unnamed FCD PR member who mocked anyone with a jacket on). Right now, tomorrow's match is tracking for a sellout or very close to it. With cool and cloudy conditions, what a perfect time to tailgate and join the Dallas Beer Guardians in a 3v3 soccer tournament that starts at 3:30 on Saturday afternoon.


The whole gang is here For the first time this season, FCD will basically be dealing with a full deck for Saturday night's game against Vancouver. Only Ugo Ihemelu, a long-term injury, is unavailable for tomorrow night's match. Even Ugo was at training today, though he didn't participate.

Kevin Hartman on everyone back

It’s certainly exciting. I think it’s really how you look at it. We could look at it like it’s disappointing that we haven’t had them for this long but optimistically we’re super excitied to be going into the Vancouver game with some serious weapons that can not only start the game well but come off the bench and add something to it and hopefully getting the three points we need

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De Guzman returns One of the big names back for Dallas is Julian de's amazing how well he's done for Dallas in such a short amount of time and I got a chance to chat with him about his experience with Canada down in Panama. He recounted some amazing stories of non-stop music, fireworks and just about everything in-between. Driving to practice their bus was delayed and the power went out during Panama's win on Tuesday.

It was bittersweet. The win in Toronto was very important for us because we lost two points against Honduras in our first home game so we definitely needed that win. The other objective was to get some points in Panama. We were unfortunate in that case. They did everything possible to beat us whether it was off the pitch or on.

Even in the hotel they said they’ve never seen anything like that before. Yeah they had the speakers and sirens, fireworks, music going until 3 in the morning. You could clearly hear in the bedroom. Some guys were forced to take sleeping pills and the next day they felt drowsy. With that being said, it just showed how important the game was for Panama. They got away with the win they needed and all that’s left for us is getting the three points at home against Cuba and then get a result against Honduras in the last game.

Loyd a minor question mark The only minor question mark for tomorrow night is right back Zach Loyd. He popped up on the MLS Injury Report with a minor back strain and seems to be a slight question for tomorrow. He didn't train fully today but did work on the side...does he play tomorrow? I'd say it's 99%...if not, Pertuz probably goes in his place and he looked great against Leon.

Not much else to report, which is probably a good thing. Tomorrow is big.