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FC Dallas News Update 9/13

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We're getting very close to the day that could define a season. FC Dallas vs Whitecaps is under 48 hours away and all the big guns are back in Frisco from their national teams. Vancouver likely arrived in Dallas this evening and all that's left now is one practice and then showtime on the biggest night of the year.

First off, if for whatever reason you don't have tickets to the game yet, you can follow this link to get some of the few remaining tickets to the match for $15. Hurry though, the offer is only good through 11AM.

As Steven Goff tweeted earlier, I can let ya'll know that FCD may be signing Colombian out of contract goalkeeper David Gonzalez for the rest of 2012. This is purely an insurance move and may or may not happen, but with a roster spot open and the roster freeze date hitting this weekend, it's not really a move that makes a whole lot of difference one way or the other.

On to the Whitecaps and they had some strange quotes in a story that ran in the Vancouver Sun today saying the match is more of a must-win for Dallas than Vancouver.

“No, I think it’s a must-win for them, more than it is for us,” said Lenarduzzi in a phone interview.

“We want to try and get back into the win column, and at the very least pick up a point, which would mean they couldn’t close the gap. A loss would be disappointing, but we’re still in a pretty good place in that we’re (with) a game in hand and we’ll still be a point up on them.

“I’m not suggesting for a minute that we’re going in with that attitude, but … that’s a phrase that’s quite often over-used. Must-win is when it gets to the point when if you don’t win, the worst happens, and that’s not the case this time around.”

I mean he's right...but is that the attitude you want heading into Saturday?

One player who will be watched very closely by Vancouver is David Ferreira. Last time out at Vancouver, the game got absolutely out of control physically and it's going to be very interesting to see what the referee assignment is for this one. My man Scott Brown over at FCD writes about this one...

On average, Ferreira has endured 2.83 fouls per match but hasn't been fouled more in a single game in 2012 than when FC Dallas traveled to BC Place last month. In that match, six of 24 fouls (25%) commited by Whitecaps FC were focused on Dallas' No. 10. Ferreira chooses to view the extra attention as a good thing.

A couple videos....Check out Scott Sealy's goal for the reserves on Tuesday...and then hear from Zach Loyd on his tattoo

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FC Dallas missed out on Marcus Tracy who went to San Jose, one of the least likely teams to win the lottery for the former Wake Forest man...not going to lose too much sleep over this one.

“It’s always good to add quality, and I think that we’re adding quality to the team,” San Jose coach Frank Yallop said Thursday after training. “We want to bring him in and see how he gets along. With the rigors of MLS, it’s not easy, but we’re hoping he’s over all his [injury] issues, has a fresh, clean start and plays well for us. ... The signs are good.”

Checking in on the other HSG owned team, the Columbus Crew is doing well after the sold out crowd at Crew Stadium for the big USA win on Tuesday.

While MLS attendance, revenue and television ratings are up, Hunt said, the Crew — which lost money in 2011 — lags many teams. The team is determined to make Columbus “part of the upswing.”

A couple days late on this one, but Scott Brown has another story on the FCD website worth checking out regarding Bobby Warshaw's return in the Leon game....I really am expecting big things out of this guy in 2013.

“More than anything I owe a big thank you to all the fans for all the tweets and encouraging words they’ve given me over the last few months,” he said. “Four months is a long time and a lot of it I owe to those fans.

“Those are the guys that make our job cool. We love our jobs and love to do what we do, but that’s what really makes it special. Having them come and cheer you on and just genuinely want the best for you. They give up their time and their money to come out and see us and support us, so we owe it to them to thank them and spend time with them. It’s not just something I should do. It’s something I want to do.”

Lots more tomorrow from what should be a packed practice